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Research & Planning - Accurate Property Data

Independent, professional insights

To make the best decisions regarding property developments, government policy, lending policies, business planning, you need to the best insights on hand. Our research and analysis services provide you with the most relevant information on local markets using the breadth, depth, currency and accuracy of the largest range of datasets available in Australia and New Zealand.

Research & Planning - Accurate Property Data


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Our research and analysis services help you: 

  • Get detailed, customised analysis - regarding individual property sales or particular market segments - to inform your marketing or communications. 
  • Gain an understanding of big picture initiatives - such as feasibility studies for government infrastructure projects involving property, transport and retail/commercial components. 
  • Understand property value and price movements - based on a wide range of indices, property types and geographies.
  • Greater understand specific market segments - with reliable area snapshots, demographic information, and suburb profiles. 
  • Understand your customers’ requirements in greater detail - with qualitative research, including focus groups and depth analysis surveys. 
  • Add spark to your property industry events - CoreLogic RP Data's keynote speakers have become an integral part of industry education, and speak frequently at a range of industry events. 

Detailed Overview

Our research and analytics division was established in 2007 to complement our property information services and provide independent, professional analysis. Our analysis is used by several governments to underpin a range of policy changes. 

Our clients include the Reserve Bank of Australia, Property Council of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia and Mortgage Finance Association Australia. We also provide services to real estate agents, developers, banking and finance institutions, the ASX, government agencies, town planners, universities, councils and local shires, media and industry bodies. 

Put our research and analytics services to work for you: 

  • Get new, potentially challenging property projects off the ground. 
  • Conduct more effective, research-based marketing. 
  • Understand and react to key economic indicators. 
  • Predict rental rates and the likely investment return on certain properties. 
  • Accurately anticipate population growth and other projections. 
  • Use mapping and spatial analysis to understand particular geographic areas. 
  • Call on historical data (dating as far back as 1980) to add context and comparison to current information.
  • Undertake analysis on your own - by relying on our custom data extractions. These can be based on a range of criteria - including specific land uses, land area, locations, time periods and prices. 
  • Append data to your existing database - to refine your target market, segment your customer base, or better understand your customers. 

Our areas of analysis can include (but are not limited to): 

  • Sale prices
  • Land area
  • Attributes such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Rental prices
  • History of advertising a property (for sale and rent)

About CoreLogic RP Data

CoreLogic RP Data is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider. Regionally CoreLogic RP Data is part of CoreLogic Asia which is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in Australia and New Zealand with growing partnerships throughout Asia.

With Australia’s most comprehensive property databases, the company’s combined data offering is derived from public, contributory and proprietary sources and includes over 500 million decision points spanning over three decades of collection, providing detailed coverage of property and other encumbrances such as tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. With over 11,000 customers and 120,000 end users, CoreLogic RP Data is the leading provider of property data, analytics and related services to consumers, investors, real estate, mortgage, finance, banking, insurance, developers, wealth management and government. Learn more...

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