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Strata Management - More Flexibility for Growth

Giving you greater control over your property assets

CoreLogic RP Data has a long history of providing market-leading software for strata managers. It puts you in control - giving you the flexibility to start small, and grow over time.

Strata Management - More Flexibility for Growth


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Our strata management services help you: 

  • Automate your body corporate management - by putting you in control of your business, helping you improve the way you manage workflow, and enhancing communication flows across your business. 
  • Improve your financial management - enabling you to set, propose and charge budgets with a great degree of flexibility, allowing for budget groups and dissections.  
  • Manage and control levies -  including flexible formats and charges. 
  • Continually improve and evolve your processes - with comprehensive and customised reporting. 
  • Enhance your document handling - by storing and uploading all documents. 
  • Improve communication flows - giving all relevant parties the information they need, round the clock.  

Detailed Overview

CoreLogic RP Data's expert team help you streamline and automate your strata management services. As well as improving day-to-day processes, you can integratie integrate with most of the major banks in Australia and New Zealand - to significantly increase your financial control and management. 

Through our relationship with Macquarie Relationship Banking, we give you access to a variety of unique and innovative solutions tailored for the strata industry.

This includes:

  • DEFT Payment Systems - Help you facilitate the efficient collection and receipting of levy payments. Lot owners have the convenience of paying via BPAY, over the counter at Australia Post, cheque, credit card, or via their nominated cheque or savings account. DEFT can significantly reduce the volume of unidentified transactions that currently involve manual investigation and receipting.
  • Macquarie Batch Payments - Help you make multiple payments from RP Office using BPAY®. With Macquarie Batch Payments, you can create a BPAY® upload file in which payments to creditors can be processed to an unlimited number of suppliers, across an unlimited number of strata plan accounts. You can also save time with automatic reconciliation on Macquarie's online banking portal.
  • Invoice scanning - Scan barcodes on accounts payable invoices and automate all data entry. Invoices can also be scanned in any order, which saves you considerable time. 
  • Automated daily download file functionality - We can accept download file formats from most major banks. With Macquarie, RP Office will log in to the bank at 6:00am and automatically download your daily transaction file that contains all transactions, enabling the automated receipt of levy payments as well as automating the bank account reconciliation process - all before you come in to the office.
  • Automatic receipting of investment accounts - A download file provided by Macquarie will automatically receipt interest on at call and term deposit investment accounts. This  provides you with substantial time saving efficiencies, especially if you have a higher number of investment accounts currently requiring manual receipting of interest.

About CoreLogic RP Data

CoreLogic RP Data is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider. Regionally CoreLogic RP Data is part of CoreLogic Asia which is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in Australia and New Zealand with growing partnerships throughout Asia.

With Australia’s most comprehensive property databases, the company’s combined data offering is derived from public, contributory and proprietary sources and includes over 500 million decision points spanning over three decades of collection, providing detailed coverage of property and other encumbrances such as tenancy, location, hazard risk and related performance information. With over 11,000 customers and 120,000 end users, CoreLogic RP Data is the leading provider of property data, analytics and related services to consumers, investors, real estate, mortgage, finance, banking, insurance, developers, wealth management and government. Learn more...

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