Accounts FAQ's

If you have an existing account with CoreLogic, here's a list of frequently asked questions below.

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What period does my invoice cover?

This depends on what was agreed on when you signed up. You are able to review what period the invoice covers on page three under the description section, here you will find the period of charges.

What billing periods do you offer?

We offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly billing cycles.   

Why was the payment taken higher than the amount displayed on the invoice?

If a Credit card is used to process the payment a surcharge is applied at the time of payment.  The breakdown of your payment and the associated Credit Card processing surcharge are shown on the following invoice received at the top of page 2.

Can I set up my account for direct debit? What types of direct debit do you offer?

You can setup direct debit via a bank account or a credit card.  Credit card will incur a small processing surcharge, see below for charges:

1.5% for Visa, 1.25% for Mastercard, 2.75% for American Express, 1.50% for Mastercard debit, 0.65% for Visa debit or 4.4% for Diners of the payment amount, inclusive of GST.

Direct debit setup can only be completed in writing via one of our Authority forms.

How do I get one of your direct debit authority forms to update my payment details

Our Direct Debit Authority forms are provided with the original contract details.

A form can be provided at any time via email from either our accounts team ([email protected]) or our customer care team ([email protected]).

If an existing direct debit declines, our Accounts team will contact you via email with the Forms automatically attached so you can provide updated payment details.

I have a direct debit setup for my charges, when will these funds be debited from my account?

The direct debit will process the transaction on the due date displayed on your invoice. The due date can be found on the top right of page 1 of your invoice in the box titled “Please pay by”.

pay by
I wish to pay via B-Pay/EFT, where can I locate the details to be able to do this?

At the Bottom of Page 2 of the invoice you will find the “payment methods” section where it provides the details for BPay and EFT payments.  Please be aware that BPay payments can take up to 3 days to be recorded against the account.

payment methods
Why are the charges on my first invoice greater than what I agreed to?

The first invoice is generally issued the day after the activation of your service. This only varies if your service begins between the periods of the 29th - 31st of the month, as your invoices would be issued on the 1st of the month to ensure continual invoicing. 

As we also invoice for the period in advance, this results in the first invoice charging for the standard invoice period plus 1 to 4 days to match your activation date. This is also known as a proportional (pro-rata) charge. 

What amount is actually outstanding and due to be paid on my invoice?

The “total amount Due” section on the Top right of the invoice will display the amount that is required to be paid.

amount due
Why does the Payments/Adjustments section on page 1 show a different figure to the last Account payment that we made.

The payments/adjustments section will also display a total of all other transactions made since the last invoice.   

This includes in product purchases (Title or Out of area searches) made by users and paid for with a credit card at the time of ordering. These are not outstanding amounts just confirmation of transactions that have occurred since the last invoice was issued.

The charges on my account appear to differ to what was agreed to during my recent upgrade/downgrade?

After a change to the subscription package the old rates are credited back and new rates are issued from the date of the change onwards resulting in an adjusted invoice.

As this is an adjusted invoice it will not match what you see on your agreement.   You will see the agreed contractual amount on the following invoice you receive.

Where can I find my CoreLogic Account number on my invoice?

Your account number is displayed Below the Due date of the invoice and above the invoice number on the right hand side of page 1.

account number
I am subscribed to RP Data Professional, however, my invoice references “PID”, what does this mean

PID stands for “Property Information Database.”   It’s the technical name for the RP Data Professional platform.

I am subscribed to multiple products, where can I find a detailed breakdown of the charges incurred for each of these products?

You’ll find this from Page 3 onwards of your invoice:
Your invoice will provide a detailed breakdown of the services you have subscribed to.  

If your subscription has multiple elements it will be displayed on the same page.  (e.g. RP Professional and Direct Marketing).

Additional products or services (e.g. Cityscope or Cordell) will display on following pages. 

Why does the amount under the Account breakdown appear higher then what was discussed with my sales rep.

Corelogic displays the full cost of the service on the breakdown pages.   You may have negotiated a lower rate than the full rate. Corelogic adjusts the monthly service costs by applying a discount.

If your invoice covers a period longer than a month, it will only show a single discount line even if there are multiple product lines.   The discount falls across all months, but only displays as a single line item on the invoice.

Why does my invoice appear to be .01 cent out when I calculate the figures myself?

Corelogic’s billing system processes transactions to the second with up to 3 decimal places.    If you have more than one product or service, rounding up with the 3rd decimal place may have occurred.

For example your invoice will display two charges ending at 0.11 cents, but the billing system actually has that charge rounding at .114 cents, if we X 2 = 0.228 = 0.23 cents after rounding.

What are all the entries under the “Transactions” section of the invoice?

Your Company has enabled “purchase on invoice” which allows the company to allocate which of your users is allowed to add the charges for “title” searches and “out of area” searches to the ongoing invoice. If one of your users has used the “add to account” option at the time of payment, those transactions will be listed under the “transactions” section of the invoice.   These amounts are outstanding and are included in your “total amount to pay”.

I have a monthly bill with multiple products, why does my monthly amount vary every couple of months.

You can have multiple services on a single account with different billing cycles.

One product may be billed on a monthly cycle and a secondary product billed on a quarterly cycle.  

Where do I find my account number if I don’t have an invoice?

Whilst logged into our products you will not be able to view your account number. You would need to call the support centre on 1300 734 318 or email [email protected] and ask our friendly Customer Care team to confirm those details.

I have received an invoice and it has $0 current charges, why is this?

This is a reminder bill.   Accounts that are processed over a longer period than a month and a payment has not been received after a month has passed, a reminder invoice will be sent.   No new charges have been applied to the invoice, it’s just to let you know that we are awaiting payment for the previous invoice issued which will be displayed under “Total Amount Due”.

Why did I receive a reminder bill but not the original invoice?

The original invoice is issued to the account contact that we have listed. Payment Reminder invoices are sent to both the Accounts Contact and the Director of the company.

If you only received the reminder invoice then it is likely that you are entered as the Director of the company and not the accounts contact.

I have received an invoice for “internet searches” what is this?

You have paid to unlock an area that is not normally part of your RP Professional subscription for either 7 or 30 days, we call this an “out of area” search.   An invoice is generated and provided directly to the user upon successful purchase of the area.   No further payment is required.

I ordered a title search but did not receive the invoice, why?

You may have changed your email details since your first order.

The very first time you order a title or an out of area search it will stamp the email details of the user into our payment systems.   If you change your email details in RP Professional, it does not automatically update the information stored in the payments system. 

Contact our Customer Care team to have existing details removed.   After existing details are removed it will update on your next purchase.

I have recently completed a Change of Ownership/Transfer of Products from one account to another, the charges incurred on my first invoice differ to what the previous account was being charged?

All services and charges remain the same when a change of ownership is completed.   The changes made to your services will have occurred mid billing cycle.    The old account will receive credits for any charges in advance beyond the date of the changeover.   The new account will have charges from the date of the changeover up until the bill cycle of the new account and will include the next cycle in advance.    

A pro-rata invoice for each account will be generated.   Depending on the dates of the billing cycles, you may receive the invoice for the new company details before receiving the adjusted invoice for the old company details.

I have just completed a change of ownership and have two invoices under two account numbers, what do I do?

Your old account may be in credit due to charges in advance being returned.   If that is the case, please email our accounts team ([email protected]) to request a refund back to your account or transferring the credit to another account.   

Please provide the BSB and account number for the bank account if you request a refund or the new CoreLogic account number for the credit to be transferred.

I want to view my previous invoices, where can I do this?

You can view them online.

You can visit and you will find the login button on the top right of the page.   Under the Red Login button the very last option in the list is for the “billing portal

previous invoice
What are the details of my account for the billing portal and how do I retrieve them.

Your account number is entered with the beginning letter CAPITALISED.    If you are unsure of the password you can use the “first time user” or “forgot my password” links to retrieve the details.

“First time user” will ask you for your account number and invoice details to proceed.
The ‘forgot your password” link will ask for the account number and will email the password to the registered account email.

If your do not receive an email for a password reset please contact us on 1300 734 318 or email ([email protected]).