RP Data Professional for brokers

Much more than just property values and reports, RP Data Professional provides mortgage brokers with the tools to generate new leads, improve retention and manage borrower expectations. RP Data Professional produces in-depth property reports, revealing real estate trends such as property sales history, rental data, and property ownership information.

Having access to this valuable data provides brokers with a point of difference, helping them to attract new business, and retain existing clients and trail.

For more information on RP Data Professional, call CoreLogic on 1300 734 318 - option 2.

FLEX Integration

FLEX integration with RP Data Professional is now complete, so you can use the deep link to:

  • generate unlimited property reports to show your local expertise
  • estimate the value of a property with AVMs to manage borrower expectations
  • provide Rental AVMs to estimate rental yield for investor clients
  • get alerts when clients’ properties are listed to retain customers and trail commission
  • identify clients requiring finance and target specific territories to write more new business

Property data at your fingertips

RP Data Pro provides 24/7 access to property details and values, deep market insights as well as customisable searching and reporting. It is the perfect tool to help you win more business and showcase your local expertise while you’re away from your desk. 

Subscription information

There are a two ways you can subscribe to RP Data Professional:

  • Click on the pop-up message from your FLEX homepage, which takes you to a CoreLogic product schedule
  • Call CoreLogic on 1300 734 318 - option 2 or contact Damian Cicchini for pricing information on 0478 474 739 or by email at [email protected]
Cordell Masterclass

Training is available

CoreLogic provides recorded webinars on the FLEX homepage and upcoming webinar sessions for AFG brokers can also be found by clicking here. Further training can be available either as a webinar or in-person with a qualified trainer.

Tutorials and getting started guides on RP Data Professional’s suite of products is also available and can be found by clicking here.

*based on settlement ratio analysis conducted on AFG’s top 100 broker groups by volume.