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Blockbrief is a database of development sites and zoning data that alerts you to zoning changes and provides you with in-depth detail to give you a first mover advantage. Receive alerts at a council or individual property level to help identify new opportunities, save research time and manage your risk – all available in an annual subscription.

Subscribe by 6 April 2018 and receive 2 additional months access when you join on a 12 month contract! 

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Be the first to
identify new opportunities

Receive alerts when zoning changes occur within councils across Australia to get the earliest possible notice that a property is now worth buying, selling or developing. Receive alerts on individual properties that have been rezoned but not sold, or that are currently advertised for sale and have development potential.

Save money on
analytics and research

Blockbrief alerts you when zoning changes occur from 500+ councils, with detailed information on the properties identified for future development, height and density of the changes, planning permits and processing data. This removes the need to search council websites to find your next opportunity, helping you save valuable research time. 

Manage risk

Keep on top of ever changing planning controls across multiple councils. Quickly identify when zoning changes have made sites no longer viable so you can get them to market quicker and reduce your exposure to poor investments.


How to use Blockbrief and its powerful features

Blockbrief is an online zoning information database, showing every zoning change across Australia. It will assist you in finding new development opportunities.

What Blockbrief Delivers

Blockbrief is dedicated to the planning expertise behind understanding zoning risk and opportunity. It offers a suite of powerful tools and methodologies to review and assess the impact of zoning on real estate, based on factors and data unique to each planning issue. Blockbrief conducts expansive, ongoing research to produce and maintain the most comprehensive database of Australian zoning and development uplift information.

Zoning Alerts

Tracks proposed and adopted zoning changes across Australia with information such as location, yield, applicant and description.

Zoning Heat Maps

Measure the level of impact of a rezoning on the properties involved in the change and the surrounding market.

Development Site Database

Provides a speculators guide of every valid land development opportunity within a city.

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Subscribe by 6 April 2018 and receive 2 additional months access when you join on a 12 month contract!


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