Business Direct

Unlock your marketing potential with big data 

Business Direct is a legally compliant business-to-business marketing solution across direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing that helps you identify and target the prospects, customers and suppliers that matter the most to you.

If you supply products or services to a range of businesses or professions, Business Direct can deliver key business details so you can personalise and target your marketing to the right people with the right pitch! 

No matter what industry you are in, Business Direct can help you:

  • Market more strategically with personalised messages 
  • Find out what businesses are operating in certain locations
  • Promote your services to the right people in your region
  • Target subcontractors with your products
  • Identify business locations in residential areas

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Win more business

Narrow down your prospect field and personalise your marketing activities to improve your campaign response rates.

Up-to-date leads

The Business Direct database is updated monthly to ensure the leads you receive are current.

Create custom lists

Customised data lists mean you only target businesses who may be interested in your products and services.

Save time and money

Identifying the right prospects based on a number of different filter options, saving you time, effort and marketing costs.

Enrich your data

Use Business Direct to verify and enhance your existing database to maximise your sales effectiveness.

Key Features

Business Direct is a legally compliant database that provides a comprehensive view of active trading businesses across Australia.

  • Data and information on 450,000+ active trading businesses.
  • Focuses on businesses the way they advertises themselves – not by their legal structure. 
  • Business level firmographics give you the ability to target prospects by a broad range of criteria including ANZSIC code, company type, number of employees, revenue, time in business, location, role and the decision maker category.
  • Physical business locations are matched with CoreLogic property data, which offers unique business segmentation opportunities by property attributes and events.
  • Available for one-off use through to unlimited use with a full data licence.
  • Support for Direct Mail, Telemarketing and Email Marketing campaigns.
  • Monthly updates ensure the leads you receive are current. 
  • Output is available in .csv, .xls or tab delimited format, allowing you to easily export contacts for mail merge formatting or importing into your own CRM.


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