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Market intelligence on new construction projects

Cordell Connect is an online database of fully researched construction, infrastructure and building projects. It provides real time access to qualified sales leads across all types of construction projects, including residential, commercial, retail, mining and industrial to help you make more sales and win more business.

Smart Search

Our new Smart Search tool now provides 7 times the results, scanning hundreds of thousands of public and nonpublic documents to identify 40% more leads and opportunities regardless of whether you work in construction, trades and services, or building supplies.


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Smart Search scans over 150,000 documents for new opportunities to help you win more business

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Receive advance warning of new developments and projects that need your products or services 

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Notice of the contact details of companies associated with these projects is provided so you can build relationships

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So many more results*!

  • 1,380 additional projects for air conditioning
  • 1,037 additional projects requiring sandstone
  • 1,515 additional projects involving hotels
  • 108 additional projects requiring precast concrete walls
  • And many, many more!

At any given time, Cordell Connect holds details of 150,000+ construction related projects. We deliver the information that is right for you and your business through straight-forward filtering so every project you see has relevance to you. This includes:

  • Real time access to project data to increase your chances of winning new business
  • Notification of developments at the early planning stage so you can connect with key stakeholders before anyone else
  • Email alerts when new projects enter the pipeline or when project updates occur so you can manage your tasks
  • The ability to search mainstream or niche keywords - now up to 40% more powerful with Smart Search
  • Construction Tender notices and keep track of your current tenders

So whether you sell sandstone pavers, bathroom plumbing supplies, specialised or even general trades and services, you now have all the leads you need at your fingertips in Australia’s most comprehensive construction database.

*based on national search data conducted on 1 September, 2017.

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