North-East Plot, Darling Square, DARLING HARBOUR, New South Wales, Australia. 2000

Estimated Value $200 million

Development Apartments (580)/retail - 41 storey

Main Category Residential

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About This Project

Demolition of existing site improvements, including the existing Sydney Entertainment Centre. Any associated remediation as may be required. Construction of podium element, including: 2,011sq m of retail floor space on the ground level; residential apartments on levels 1-5; & ancillary facilities. Construction of residential building NE1 to provide 163 apartments, 93 x 1, 70 x 2 bedroom. Building NE1 is located in the eastern portion of the North East Plot & commences on level 1, with the first 5 levels contained within the podium, rising to 19 storeys in total. Construction of residential building NE2 to provide 50 apartments, 20 x 1, 20 x 2 & 10 x 3 bedroom. Building NE2 is located in the western portion of the North East Plot, the building commences on level 1 of the podium, with the 5t five levels contained within the podium, total of 8 levels (including podium); the building has 2 distinct components separated by a recessed apartment lobby & vertical slot carried up through the building. Construction of residential building NE3 to provide 367 apartments, 138 x 1, 217 x 2, 6 x 3 & 6 x 4 bedroom. Building NE3 is located in the northern portion of the North East Plot, the building commences on podium level 1, with the first 5 levels contained within the podium, above the podium roof level the building widens to a typical tower floor plate, & rises to 41 storeys in total. Landscaping works and communal facilities to the podium roof level. Podium to include boundary screening planting, pathways, community room, outdoor gym area, swimming area, seating areas & BBQ & seating area with covered pergola. Public domain improvements, including provision of footpath treatment to the northern & western frontages & associated landscaping along the northern boundary of the site; provision of interim surface treatments to the southern & eastern frontages until future separate application(s) seek approval for permanent public domain; provision of vehicular access from Harbour St; & extension & augmentation of physical infrastructure/utilities as required. In total, the North East Plot will accommodate 580 residential apartments. Project to achieve a 4 Star Green Star rating & targeting 5 star Green star rating. Concrete & brick walls, glazed white brick to entries, single & double low-e clear & high performance glazing with aluminium frames, concrete roof, concrete floor. Podium carparking on ground to level 5 for 445 above ground carparking spaces & 70 bicycles.

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Type APARTMENTS (580)/RETAIL - 41 storey
Dev Type New
Status Commenced
Ownership 1
No. Units 580.000
No. Floors 53471.000
Commencement Date 01/02/16
Completion Date 10/11/17
First Reported Date 17/09/14

Project Information


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Town Planner
Lesley Bull
Landscape Architect
Civil Engineer
Hydraulic Engineer
Michael Kurtz
Heritage Architect
Megan Jones
Michelle Mason
Daniel Grunbaum
Project Manager
Community Engagement Team
Geotechnical Consultant
Landscape Architect
Acoustic Engineer
Glenn Wheatley

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