A word from our CEO

Lisa Claes, CEO CoreLogic International

Lisa Claes
CEO CoreLogic International

For over three months, Australia has been ravaged by catastrophic fires that have now escalated to unprecedented levels. We have already witnessed the tragic loss of lives, property, wildlife and livelihoods - with more devastation expected. 

Across the country, people are coming together to support those impacted by these terrible events and we are pleased to let you know that CoreLogic is also making a substantial contribution. We are not only donating to the Australian Red Cross and WIRES to support these efforts, but will also match all employee dollar donations for the bushfire appeal.

In addition, we would like to acknowledge the significant sacrifices being made by volunteer firefighters across multiple fire zones. As a consequence, CoreLogic employees who are members of the Rural Fire Services are being provided with paid volunteer leave to support their efforts. On top of that, we will also be working closely over the coming months with our community partner Habitat for Humanity Australia, providing employee volunteers to assist with recovery and property clean-up activities in the Cuddlee Creek community in South Australia, where over 85 homes have been lost.

We have already established a Bushfire Response Team to accelerate a number of initiatives that will help customers impacted. That includes a program to help ensure that our customers (and their customers) receive the assistance they need at this difficult time. All our programs for financial institutions, insurance companies, government agencies and property owners are outlined on this web page.

For more information regarding our bushfire response, please contact the CoreLogic Customer Call Centre on 1300 734 318, or your client account manager. Alternatively, use the form at the bottom of this page. We are ready to discuss how we can assist you.

Available support

We have reviewed how CoreLogic can leverage available third-party data relating to the bushfires to support our customers and the broader industries we serve.

If you need more information on the solutions outlined below, or if you believe we can assist in some other way, contact your client account manager, or the Customer Call Centre on 1300 734 318. Alternatively, make use of the contact form.

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For home owners impacted by the bushfires, the cost of rebuilding is a pressing concern, and so is the question of whether they have adequate insurance. Fortunately, CoreLogic’s Cordell Sum Sure Calculator, an intuitive digital tool that uses CoreLogic property and construction data, is available as a free-to-use service to help answer these questions and to simplify the task of estimating rebuild costs.

Cordell Sum Sure




We are offering the following support to financial institutions, free of charge on a one-time basis.

First, we can help identify customer properties that may have been impacted by the bushfires. This data can empower organisations to reach-out proactively to these customers, and to prioritise their inbound enquiries.


While also enabling more timely and targeted customer support, our information will indicate:

  • whether the property is located in an area that may have been affected by fire
  • the property’s recent estimated value
  • whether it is listed for sale or rent
  • the estimated rebuild cost of the property.

In addition, we can identify properties close to affected areas that are subject to valuation requests, and can temporarily exclude them from data driven ‘no inspection’ valuation strategies and escalate them to physical inspections.




In addition, we are assisting Real Estate businesses in supporting their agencies and customers.

For a start, free of charge on a one-time basis, we can help agencies identify offices and customers that may have been affected. On top of that, we can monitor listings activity in impacted areas, and can provide insights into:

  • whether a property is located in an area that may have been impacted by fire
  • a property’s recent estimated value
  • if a property is listed for sale or rent
  • the estimated rebuild cost of a property.

This is our way of showing our commitment to the Australian real estate industry, and Australia at large. Please feel free to reach out to CoreLogic to find out more. Let’s discuss how we can help you.





Our data can assist state and federal government agencies by identifying and providing information about those properties that may have been impacted. We can help government agencies:

  • understand population displacement and dislocation
  • validate relief payment claims
  • provide economic impact analysis
  • assist with tax assessments for individuals, businesses or corporations
  • identify longer-term health impacts.

If you work in government and believe CoreLogic data can add value to your bushfire response initiatives please contact us.



We are offering the following support to insurers, free of charge on a one-time basis.

We can help insurers identify customers whose properties may have been impacted, enabling insurance organisations to reach out proactively to them and to prioritise their inbound enquiries.


Insurance cover is clearly a pressing concern for those impacted by the bushfires and our data can help estimate rebuild costs for direct comparison with the insured sums. This can help insurers assess any shortfalls quickly, ensuring speedy policy decisions can be made about how best to support impacted customers.

If any of this support is of value, or you believe CoreLogic may be able to assist your organisation in another way, please contact us.

We are here to help

If you or your customers have been impacted by the bushfires and you believe CoreLogic can help please contact your client account manager, or the CoreLogic Customer Call Centre on 1300 734 318. Alternatively, use the contact form below.