The Premium option of Early Market Indicators is now available. Anyone interested in property and looking to navigate the road ahead with greater foresight can now access more data elements that indicate how the market is traversing these uncharted waters.

The table below shows the added value you can expect from a Premium subscription. In a nutshell, Premium provides all the data from the free report plus additional data and regional granularity that can assist you in understanding ongoing property market movements in more detail.

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Free vs. Premium Early Market Indicators

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What's included in this report?

The data in this new Early Market Indicator Report does not replace the regular reporting already provided by CoreLogic, but is designed to provide early, indicative and directional trends at a time when speed of data delivery is critical. These data sets include:

The change in the number of CMA’s being generated on CoreLogic Platforms – rolling 7 days. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is a report generated by real estate agents to enhance their conversations with potential customers who are looking at selling their property. CoreLogic is a market leading source of CMA reports, used by real estate agencies across Australia. The volume of CMA reports generated is one of the earliest indicators we have for turnover in the property market, with the volume of CMA generation leading the volume of new residential property listings by about two weeks.

The change in the number of new residential listings being advertised for sale or rent in the past 7 days. ‘New’ listings means the count is of listing events that have not so far been seen in the current calendar year. This measure provides insight regarding the volume of new properties coming on to the market. An increase in new listings suggests an increasing supply of stock available, and higher seller or lessor activity. A fall in new listings suggests less stock available, and less seller or lessor activity. Understanding this measure alongside other CoreLogic data such as number of sales, time on market and vendor discounting rates provides further insight on the balance between property market supply and demand.

The change in the number of valuations being ordered on CoreLogic Platforms – rolling 7 days. The majority of lenders across Australia use CoreLogic systems to manage and order the property valuations they need in order to process loans. Lenders use property valuations for many purposes, including loan origination for re-financing, new purchases, construction and re-possession. Aggregating this data, CoreLogic is able to provide this leading indication of lending activity across the market. This is able to be indicatively split into the loan purpose and the type of valuation being completed.

300x300px_RED_Icon_Unlimited_Reports_4.png For those who wish to make the most of the additional market insights included as part of the Premium report offering.
300x300px_RED_Icon_Unlimited_Reports_4.png To help businesses navigating the challenges of COVID-19, we are keeping our initial version of the product available free to use for a limited time.

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