RP Data Professional

Tutorial Videos


We have a number of short tutorial videos available to demonstrate the many features of RP Data Professional ensuring that you maximise the benefits of your RP Data Professional subscription. Simply select the video that you are interested in watching, then sit back to watch, listen and learn.

Getting Started


Introducing RP Data Professional (7:50) | Watch video

  • Take a quick tour of RP Data Professional
  • Learn how to access more property data in less time


How to Personalise Your Dashboard (1:16) | Watch video

  • Change the panel order
  • Minimise, maximise and hide panels
  • Restore a panel


How to Set Your Suburb Statistics (1:17) | Watch video

  • View statistics for a suburb
  • Switch between the 'Median Price' and 'Recent Sales Prices' tabs




How to Manage Your Personal Account Details (2:10) | Watch video

  • Change your personal details, work details, upload a photo or update your password


How to Manage Users (1:54) | Watch video

  • Associate single or multiple users to your account
  • Edit users


How to Manage Branding (2:51) | Watch video

  • Add a new template
  • Upload a logo
  • Activate a template




How to Search for Properties (3:38) | Watch video

  • Search for a single property address
  • Search by street, suburb or post code


How to Conduct an Advanced Search (2:07) | Watch video

  • Search by a partial street and suburb name
  • Search by street number range

Name Search (1:54) | Watch video

  • Search by a partial street and suburb name
  • Search by street number range
  • Search using the 'Surname', 'First Name' and 'Suburb' fields
  • Use partial text to filter results


Company Search (0:56) | Watch video

  • Find properties owned by businesses, corporations or trusts


Mapping with 'RP Map' (4:20) | Watch video

  • Select multiple properties to map
  • Use tools such as zoom, hide/show layers (distances, themes, labels and more)


RP Prospector (2:32) | Watch video

  • Identify which of your contacts and clients in your area are more likely to sell


Locating Empty Nester properties (2:09) | Watch video

  • Identify "Long Hold" properties
  • Identify "Long Hold" properties that are currently listed for sale


Dynamic Radius Search (3:10) | Watch video

  • Search for properties using a distance radius
  • Search for properties using a total number of neighbouring properties "Nearest Neighbour"
  • Generate custom Property List Reports based on your search




Search Result Tabs in RP Data Professional (4:11) | Watch video

  • Use the different results tab views and their associated dynamic filters


Refining Your Property Search Results (1:40) | Watch video

  • Refine your search results by using the dynamic filters
  • Use advanced filters


Saving Lists (2:30) | Watch video

  • Save a list of properties for future use
  • Add properties to an existing list
  • Retrieve a saved list


On the Market ® (1:47) | Watch video

  • Take advantage of the subtle differences between the 'On the Market' tab and the 'Market Compare' tab


Multi Property Activities (1:03) | Watch video

  • Activate Multi Property Activities
  • Map multiple properties or create a custom report


Property Monitor (2:05) | Watch video

  • Be alerted when a property you are interested in is listed, sold or available for rent


Growing Your Business with Territory Builder (2:56) | Watch video

  • Map your search based on an area
  • Generate custom Property List Reports based on your territory search


Create Farming Territories using lists (2:16) | Watch video

  • Generate multiple lists as one saved search
  • Generate custom Property List Reports based on your farming territory




Build Your Own CMA Report (7:02) | Watch video

  • Create your own CMA reports by comparing your target property with the local real estate market


Build Your Own Custom Reports (4:07) | Watch video

  • Select properties to use in the report
  • Move, hide and edit report panels
  • Change the report theme


Generating an RP AutoVal Valuation Report (1:53) | Watch video

  • Search for a property to value
  • Generate the PDF report


Purchasing a Title Document (1:12) | Watch video

  • Enter your payment details
  • Access your Title Document in the 'My Purchased Titles' panel on the Dashboard


Purchasing Extra Suburb Access (2:10) | Watch video

  • Purchase access to suburbs outside of your subscription area


Pan & Zoom Map Reports (2:03) | Watch video

  • Zoom in and reposition an individual property image
  • Generate custom Reports with new image positioning


Using Suburb Scorecard with RP Data Professional (7:30) | Watch video

  • Use your RP Data Professional subscription and CoreLogic RP Data's Suburb Scorecard to create local content for property newsletters and social media posts