Banking and Finance

5 ways CoreLogic can help banking and finance

CoreLogic can help you manage the risks involved with valuations and portfolio management, acquire new customers and identify existing customers transacting on their property to improve retention. Our range of Smart Growth solutions coupled with regular property market reports and updates will enhance the knowledge your team has about the market and assist to execute best practice mortgage origination and client engagement.

  1. Access a range of valuation solutions and services to streamline your lending process from loan origination through to collections, arrears and policy development.
  2. Determine the estimated value of dwellings to get a more accurate picture of current LVR within your mortgage portfolio.
  3. Improved risk mitigation and capital management capability
  4. Business intelligence services to help understand and anticipate consumer behaviour which drives acquisition strategy and retention
  5. Increase customer retention by knowing when a customer’s property is listed for sale and having a conversation at the right time.

Smart Growth

Enabling lenders to identify, target and action those specific market segments which support their business model and growth objectives while effectively managing risk.