Builders & Developers

8 ways CoreLogic can help developers and builders

CoreLogic can provide data and insights to help developers buy the right land at the right price and then start the right project for that location, saving time, reducing costs and validating business decisions.

Our building products help builders and developers get an overview on new projects in their market, including business leads and contact details. We also provide detailed costing tools to help you cost your next job with confidence and accuracy.

Our data – which includes the RP Data Professional database, Block Brief and Cordell – delivers extraordinary insights to help you:

  1. Receive alerts about zoning changes and identify suitable properties for redevelopment
  2. Understand the property market you are developing into and your competitors activities
  3. Identify and purchase the right parcel of land at the right price
  4. Understand what block sizes and housing attributes are in demand in a given location
  5. Understand what projects are coming onto the market right from Early Planning and Planning stages, tracked all the way to construction
  6. Improve your speed to market with timely alerts and market intelligence
  7. Quickly and cost-effectively validate your business decisions
  8. Accurately cost jobs quickly and in detail and accuracy with current prices

Frequently Asked Questions

What data does CoreLogic have that applies to new dwellings?
  • Property sales by suburb broken down by house and unit and trend data in our Market Trends product Infill reports to understand property product demands and sweet spots for pricing in urban markets.
  • Greenfield reports to understand property product demands and pricing sweet spots for developments in suburban corridors.
  • Infill reports to understand property product demands and pricing sweet spots for urban areas.
  • Blockbrief to receive zoning alerts
  • Cordell Connect to provide insight into projects deep diving into planning data that could be a source of work, or understand the competition.
  • Cordell Costings which provides an accurate way to cost and estimate jobs.
How does CoreLogic use data from the established housing market to reflect and apply pricing to the new housing market?

Understanding current sales data of established housing gives developers and builders insights into acceptable price points and the time it will take to move new stock. It can also help make better decisions around features that are in demand from buyers.

Can we come to CoreLogic with specific requirements?

Yes, CoreLogic can customize data sets and solutions to suit your specific needs, or append your own data to ours to make it fit for purpose. Please speak to one of our consultants.

What can CoreLogic do for me that I can’t do myself?

CoreLogic is a one-stop data and analytics shop boasting Australia’s largest and most comprehensive property data ranging from a macro, all-of-Australia view, down to local streets, suburbs and postcodes, covering 98% of the country. While some of the data sets that we absorb are available for free, they need to be identified, collected, merged, washed, and made consistent before they can be analysed. CoreLogic collects data from more than 600 sources – including proprietary and hard to access data - and has records going back more than 40 years. This means we can fill in the gaps and deliver a full picture more easily and affordably than doing it yourself.

For more information about our data, see our Data Promise.

What does Cordell offer?

Cordell offers over 40 years of researching in Australia with the largest database of fully researched past and current construction projects in all categories – Mining, Civil Engineering, Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Community. Our products include detailed construction project overviews and pricing estimators.