Property Investors

6 ways CoreLogic can help property investors

CoreLogic’s comprehensive data is trusted by decision-makers across the breadth of the property eco-system, from first home buyers, to real estate agents, banks and mortgage brokers through to the Reserve Bank of Australia.

  1. Make confident decisions – access property data and insights that will help you understand the value of a property so you can conduct your own independent analysis and make informed buying and selling decisions.
  2. Understand your markets – get deep market performance insights from regions, council area, suburbs and even to a street level to help you understand median price changes, rental returns, listing and sales volumes, time on market and discounting so you can develop a successful buying or selling strategy.
  3. Use the same tools as the professionals – access the same tools used by property professionals and generate market reports that will give you an edge in negotiating.
  4. Sell or buy easier and faster – take advantage of our user-friendly reports to get key data and insights on a particular property or market.
  5. Access property data 24/7 – our mobile app allows you to access valuable property data and insights anywhere, anytime.
  6. Set up property alerts – if there is a property (or properties) you have your eye on, even if it is not on the market, you can add it to you ‘watch list’ and get notified as soon as it is listed for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data?

CoreLogic collects data through more than 600 sources including property portal websites, government sources, real estate agents and newspaper advertisements, which we key in. For more see our Data Promise.

How reliable is your data?

Our data is used and trusted by governments, the majority of real estate professionals, the banking and finance industry and mortgage brokers. It covers 98% of the country and 95% of recent sales. For more see our Data Promise.

How can I access your service?

There are two ways property investors can access our data. The easiest way is through or – our consumer websites that deliver information for individual properties and local markets. Elements of and are available free of charge, while deeper insights incur a small fee.

For more serious or serial investors, our RP Data Professional system is the same system used by property and finance professionals, giving you extensive listing, recent sales, results and market data, plus a range of valuation tools.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer training for buyers, sellers and investors who use RP Data Professional as webinars and video tutorials. In most instances, training is free and you can attend as many times as you like (we know it can be hard to remember everything the first time!). Click here to see our full range of training options.

If you use it’s unlikely you’ll need training – it’s a very easy site to understand and use immediately.