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4 ways CoreLogic can grow your home services business

CoreLogic data and systems allows home service businesses to identify clients and deliver personalised, timely and privacy-compliant marketing to win new business and reduce your marketing costs. 

Our data – including new properties listed on the market and recent sales – can help you identify: 

  1. Potential clients who need products and services to ready their home for sale
  2. Potential clients who will soon be in the market for moving services and an understanding of the size, location and property access.
  3. Potential clients who have recently moved and are now in the market to connect their new property into local services.
  4. Accurate targets with personalised marketing addressed to home owners instead of generic mailouts. This will improve your strike rate with privacy compliant marketing lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I export data into my database and are there download limits?

Yes, you can easily export data. With our professional platform, you have 10,000 downloads per month per user.

How often is the CoreLogic property data updated?

We get data from multiple feeds across the day. When a change of status occurs to a property, it takes us approximately 48 hours to deliver that change to the address within our database. So when there is a trigger – a sale or lease – it takes 48 hours for it to be updated.

Where does CoreLogic get its data from?

We get our data from more than 600 sources including government sources, real estate agents, industry feeds and portals. For more information see our Data Promise.

How does RP Data Professional help me save costs in my business?

The data within RP Data Professional helps you to more accurately identify potential customers who are experiencing a “life event” of selling, moving or who have just bought a new property. This helps you target new business more effectively by improving the timing of your approach, and helps you deliver a more personalised message based on your clients circumstances, improving your strike rate and saving money on advertising and marketing wastage.