Lawyers & Conveyancy

5 ways CoreLogic can help lawyers and conveyancers

CoreLogic helps lawyers and conveyancers improve the speed, efficiency and expertise with which they can deal with property matters by giving you access and insights to Australia’s most comprehensive property database. This can help you bring matters to a close faster, provide a better service, get more referrals and grow your practice.

  1. Improve the efficiency of family law and ownership disputes by quickly determining the ownership of a property – and its up-to-date value – with a single search.
  2. Build cases more quickly by recognising in advance when full property valuations are required.
  3. Be alerted to inappropriate attempts to dispose of property by placing addresses on a Watch List.
  4. Be proactive in retaining customers and by receiving alerts when their properties are listed for sale so you can proactively market to them.
  5. Check ownership details and order titles more efficiently with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do retrospective valuations?

Absolutely. When you search you can refine the date range, which will give you details and sale price of properties sold in those dates to help establish a retrospective valuation.

Can I search by name?

In most states, yes, although some states do have restrictions on name searches in some states.

What type of analytics can I get from the platform?

You can get analytics such as property market growth, median sales, demographics, market conditions (days on market, vendor discounting) to help describe the state of the market.

How do I find a property if I don’t have an address?

If you can’t find it using an address, you can search by street, suburb and postcode. We also have mapping services where you can identify the location and you can also search by lot or plan number.

Can I buy titles from you?

Yes and you can make multiple purchases in one transaction instead of having to make individual purchases for each address.