Lenders & Aggregators

5 ways CoreLogic can grow your lending or aggregation business

CoreLogic provides lenders in the mortgage industry a range of solutions to better manage the risk in their portfolio, attain efficiency in the valuation management, improve customer retention execute best practice mortgage origination and client engagement.

  1. Access a range of valuation solutions and services to streamline your lending process from loan origination through to collections, arrears and policy development.
  2. Improve your approval rates with accurate and timely information and pre-qualify your leads by leveraging fast and accurate property value estimates
  3. Determine the estimated value of dwellings to get a more accurate picture of current LVR within your mortgage portfolio.
  4. Increase customer retention by knowing when a customer’s property is listed for sale and having a conversation at the right time.
  5. Write more new business by identifying clients likely to requiring finance

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access your service?

Access property information when convenient for you, be it in the office or on the road. CoreLogic's easy-to-use property solution, RP Data Professional provides timely and accurate data to help you generate new leads and improve back office efficiency. When you're on the road, use RP Data Pro on your smartphone or iPad so you are never far away from the best property data.

Can you help me market to new clients?

CoreLogic helps you accurately target specific customers, generate leads, and locate the properties in a specific area that are most likely to need finance solutions. You can also create high quality marketing campaigns with our Marketing Direct tool, which is an add-on of RP Data Professional.

How can CoreLogic products and data help my business manage risk?

One of the major risks to any mortgage provider is the value of the asset; and it has been very starkly observed around the globe, that property values can indeed fall, very fast and very quickly. CoreLogic are the global experts in the collection and application of property data and using this information we constantly track movements in individual house prices and changes in all parts of the country.

Through having an in depth understanding of how the countries housing stock is moving (courtesy of our market trends reports), observing changes in valuation volumes and trends (through our platform services) and by understanding property characteristics, we can continuously and accurately measure house prices changes at a region (using industry leading indices) or even individual property level (using our Automated Valuation Models). When working together with our customers, and industry partners, we are able to estimate changes to property prices over time and/or under stressed market conditions and therefore can help banks make effect lending decisions, appropriate collections strategies and/or manage their portfolio.

We can also highlight how markets are moving and provide lenders with early warning indicators of property exposure risk.

How does CoreLogic build models to estimate property values?

Corelogic can accurately estimate house values based on sales of property in the building (if it is a unit), the street the area and/or the previous sales price of the property, taking into account house price changes in the area since the last sale date.

It does this through understanding the characteristics of the property and then looking through the millions of data points that CoreLogic has about properties which have previously been sold in the local area, to identify similar properties.

Sophisticated algorithms match the data to the property in question taking into consideration data differences and variations over time, to produce an estimate of the property’s sale value at that point in time. All such estimates come with an associated level of accuracy, referred to as forecast standard deviation (FSD), which measures how likely the value will be close to the subsequent sale value.

What data/products/services do Corelogic offer to help with this?

As well as offering a complete valuation management service, we also offer a wide range of valuation tools; including automated valuation model (AVMs), electronic valuation reports (EVRs) and valuation assessment models.

We also support the identification of application misrepresentation through our Loansafe © product and our home ownership verification offerings.

In addition, we offer consultancy advice around how to best use all such products and services to meet any companies specific business objectives.