Property Management

8 ways CoreLogic can grow your property management

CoreLogic is the most comprehensive provider of property data to the real estate industry, delivering the most up to date market insights and most powerful business tools to help you win new property management listings and lease with ease.

  1. Cross-reference information - with a single database for property management, sales management, holiday management, body corporate and customer information, aligned with full trust accounting.
  2. Automate routine tasks - reducing the effort and errors associated with everyday administration tasks.
  3. Streamline your banking activity - with accounting solutions that provide electronic banking, extensive reporting, complete task automation and automatic balance checking.
  4. Win more listings – Identify properties that have been on the market for extended periods whose owners may be open to a conversation about leasing their property instead.
  5. Market more effectively – Reduce print and flyer wastage and improve your hit rate by targeting mailouts and personalising your messages.
  6. Lease easier and faster - tap into our user-friendly reports to easily respond to a range of customer questions, and to educate landlords on current market conditions and likely rents.
  7. Reduce costs and boost your efficiency with tools that help your team farm their territories, automatically fill in forms, and use e-signatures for contracts.
  8. Get out from behind your desk – our mobile apps let you see more clients and respond to their market queries on the spot without creating masses of paperwork on your return.