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7 ways CoreLogic can grow your real estate business

CoreLogic is the most comprehensive provider of property data to the real estate industry, delivering the most up to date market insights and most powerful business tools to help you list, sell and lease with ease.

  1. Win more listings – We connect you with property insights that help you identify home owners who are poised to sell.
  2. Market more effectively – Reduce print and flyer wastage and improve your hit rate by targeting mailouts and personalising your messages.
  3. Sell easier and faster - tap into our user-friendly reports to easily respond to a range of customer questions, and to educate vendors and buyers on current market conditions.
  4. Build your business long term – reduce costs and boost your efficiency with tools that help your team farm their territories, automatically fill in forms, and use e-signatures for contracts.
  5. Get out from behind your desk – our mobile apps let you see more clients and respond to their market queries on the spot without creating masses of paperwork on your return.
  6. Know how you compare to competitors and where you need to improve – see how you rank against your competition in listings, sales and rentals.
  7. Make connections with builders and developers – understand the whole property lifecycle and be first to know about new projects in your neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust CoreLogic. Aren’t you owned by

No. We are 100% owned by the world's leading property-information group, CoreLogic, which is listed on the New York stock exchange. CoreLogic is the only independent property data company in Australia not owned by any real estate, media or banking interests.

Can I integrate your data into my CRM system?

Yes, all our data can be integrated into real estate management systems and/or we can connect with systems to give you a single sign. To find out how, contact us.

Do you offer training?

Yes, we offer training in person at our offices, as webinars, video tutorials and we will even come to your offices for larger bookings (special conditions apply). In most instances, training is free and you can attend as many times as you like (we know it can be hard to remember everything the first time!). Click here to see our full range of training options.

Why do I need CoreLogic data when I’ve got my own data about the local market?

There is a difference between big data and lots of data. Most real estate agents have lots of data about their listings, sales and property management clients past and present but it is limited by their own ability to collect and analyse it.

The purpose of truly valuable big data is to help understand not just what is happening in your own business, but the broader property market and your performance in it. Big data can also help you better understand clients, how to offer them service that delights them, and how to identify potential clients faster than your competitors. Used properly, big data such as that offered by CoreLogic allows better quality decisions to be made based on fact, not assumptions and will give you context about the market you are in.

To find out more about why our data is different see our Data Promise.

Shouldn’t property data be owned and controlled by real estate agents?

The property data ecosystem is much larger than just real estate agents – it covers banks, mortgage brokers, government at all levels, builders, developers, lawyers, accountants and even the businesses that supply products and services to home owners. We believe property data is most transparent and reliable when it is collated, managed and distributed by independent companies whose expertise is data, research and analytics and who have rigorous processes for delivering it in a transparent and trusted manner.

For more information, see About Us.