Member Engagement

Tap into a member’s property circumstances to help you tailor your services to support your members the best you can. Use CoreLogic’s Custom Data solutions to augment your member portfolios with data insights which may help you to engage with your members at a time when they may be considering listing their property for sale. Data insights may include Property Equity, Property Estimated Value, Tenure, Size of Property, Investors, Owner Occupier.

Transition to Retirement

CoreLogic’s data and insights may help you to enhance your understanding of your members’ core property assets. Access estimate valuations for their home and investment property portfolios. Having a deeper understanding of your members’ current position may assist you to be more informed when advising members about their retirement strategy.

Lost & Duplicated Super

Understanding your members’ property movements, such as when their property is advertised for sale or for rent, may provide super funds an opportunity to engage with their members. Use CoreLogic’s data and insights to proactively engage with members and remind them to update their contact details, or validate whether your members are likely to be at their last known address.

Custom Data
Our products are delivered using hundreds of fields, across millions of data points, which allows Corelogic to customise solutions for your business. Capturing and analysing relevant data may help you understand business risks and engage customers.
Deliver better customer experience
Understanding your customers and delivering the experiences they expect has never been so critical. We can help you access comprehensive and timely information which allows you to better target, understand and retain your customers.
Tailored to suit your business
Available on a one-off basis to help add insights for a specific scenario, or as an ongoing embedded data delivery into your environment, power your projects and gain insight into your business by combining your current datasets with customised data.
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