5 ways CoreLogic can help telcos grow their business

CoreLogic helps telecommunication providers acquire new clients and protect existing business through insights that improve customer understanding backed with targeted marketing options.

  1. Gain insights every week into the customers who are most likely to make a decision about their telecommunications by receiving alerts on clients who are selling their properties.
  2. Get better insights into market sizing, market share and the depth of delivery of your services or infrastructure based on geographies and property owner insights in those areas to build up a client profile for each suburb.
  3. Proactively market to clients who are about to move through our privacy compliant marketing database.
  4. Identify moving date anniversaries which are likely to coincide with telecommunication contracts – and target special offers.
  5. Win more business clients by understanding when their leases fall due.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your data from?

At CoreLogic, we collect data from more than 600 different sources. These include major real estate franchises, website portals, developers, government sources and we even key in the print advertising of more than a hundred newspapers. Find out more by reading our Data Promise.

Can CoreLogic data help my telco with installations?

Yes, the data within the RP Data Professional system includes state of the art mapping systems that identify easements, orientation, access and landfall. This can be hugely helpful when dealing with installations or infrastructure improvements.