4 ways CoreLogic can help utility providers

CoreLogic helps utility providers acquire new clients and protect existing business from competitors, through the delivery of insights that improve their understanding of customer behaviour and the delivery of more targeted marketing options.

  1. Get better insights into market sizing, market share and the depth of delivery of your services or infrastructure based on geographies and property owner insights in those areas.
  2. Be proactive in retaining customers and by receiving alerts when clients are selling and likely to be making decisions around utilities so you can proactively market to them.
  3. Identify key property features that impact on the level of utility use (ie: property size, pools, air-conditioning) and target offers to owners that will deliver real value to them.
  4. Empower your team to check ownership details and order titles with a single click.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help my organization meet regulatory obligations?

Yes. CoreLogic provides mapping functions with RP Data Professional and this can assist in determining easements, property sizes etc.

What mapping capabilities do you have?

It’s extensive. You can zoom in and out, measure properties, overlay attributes, sale data, easements, owners’ names etc.

What attributes do you have around a property?

We have anything that’s advertised about a property. Bedrooms, bathrooms, car spaces, tennis courts, pools, air-conditioning, land size, sale price, dining rooms, garage, granny flats, what the property is made of etc.

Have you got a database where we can contact clients?

Yes we have. Our Marketing Direct overlay on RP Data Professional offers contact details and we can overlay that with your own customer database.