Today’s valuers can make the most of technology and data to help complete their assessments as efficiently as possible.

Access to our most comprehensive property database has never been easier. Residential, commercial, industrial and rural valuations are now all covered by our trusted products. 

ValConnect is helping the valuation industry move into a new era

Everything you need to complete a valuation report is now available all in one place. Supercharge your potential for outputs and profits and use ValConnect to help with faster turnaround times for completing valuations. Optimise your teams and your budgets by using your data together with ours in your own unique database. Plus, be secure with our ISO-27001 certified Information Security Management System that protects you and your data.





Digital property inspections for home lending

The new ValConnect Upload Portal allows valuers to effectively conduct remote valuations. Through a simple step-by-step process, the ValConnect Upload Portal enables valuers to send a single link to residents of a property to upload property images. Whether the valuer is required to undertake an external inspection, kerbside inspection, or a desktop assessment, the ValConnect Upload Portal will provide current internal images of the property, with accompanying time/date stamp and geo-coordinates as a basis for the conduct of the valuation.

Update your strategy around gaining efficiencies and a competitive edge with RP Data

RP Data is a subscription-based product that gives you instant access to the 20 years’ worth of rich property data collected by CoreLogic. The platform has streamlined search functionality and market-leading data, which will allow you to view where available:

  • Previously undisclosed sale prices 
  • Marketing floor plans 
  • Real-time market insights 
  • Valuation and rental estimates 
  • School catchment zones







RP Data Pro Mobile App

Take your business truly mobile, with the RP Data Pro Mobile App – FREE with any RP Data Professional subscription. You’ll have 24/7 access to property details, deep market insights as well as customisable searching and reporting. 

Available on iOS and Android.

The future of valuations & its importance in the marketplace

The property market is booming. For any transaction -- to buy, to sell, to refinance -- it all requires a valuer. Our own Shelley Horton and the team at The Elephant in The Room discuss the state of the valuation industry. Understanding how valuers assess and produce their reports— ultimately guiding property buyers to make better decisions.

Women in Business: Australia's Valuation Industry

Hosted by Shelley Horton, Head of Valuation Strategy & Solutions, our Women in Business Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top women leaders in the Valuations Industry.

Hold the knowledge

Know what’s going on in the market, and make a difference in your customers’ lives

Stay up to date with the property industry

CoreLogic Australia’s Research Team provide expert commentary and analysis on the latest trends, news, and topics in the industry. Read some of our blogs, and use our market trends to understand various segments of the property market. Data is provided down to a suburb level and offers deep insights into local area performance.

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