Wealth Management & Financial Planners

5 ways CoreLogic can help wealth managers and financial planners

CoreLogic can help improve client engagement and understanding of the value of your clients’ most valuable asset – their property. Our products and property insights data can be used in every stage of your client lifecycle; from seeking new business opportunities, growing the services to your existing client base and retaining valuable clients.

  1. Increase client retention by knowing when their property is listed for sale, thereby having a conversation at the right time
  2. Add value to your client relationships through regular reporting and property market insights
  3. Get a clear understanding of the property asset components of your client’s portfolio for your needs analysis and to plan conversations
  4. Uncover additional needs of clients by understanding the value of their property
  5. Create contact lists to generate new business with intelligent filtering systems that can be used to identify and categorise new prospects

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we use your data to grow existing customers and target new customers?

CoreLogic helps you write more new business by understanding the value of property owned by your clients - which is most likely to be their biggest asset. We can also help you retain your customers by sending you an alert when their properties are listed for sale – which flags that they are likely to be in the market for financial advice.

We can also help you accurately target specific customers, generate leads, and create high quality marketing campaigns with our Marketing Direct tool, which is an add-on of RP Data Professional.

How can property data help me understand my client’s wealth?

Not only is CoreLogic able to provide you with insights into the value of your clients’ properties, we can also provide you with the market insights to understand property market behaviour, helping you to understand if the value of their property assets are likely to rise or fall.