International Capabilities

Make the right property decisions wherever you are

No matter what country you're in, we can help reduce the guesswork in your property decisions. Our range of solutions provide meaningful insights into your data so you can take informed action and reduce risk, whether you're a professional in real estate, mortgage and finance, insurance, or whether you're an individual owner/investor.

We offer some of the world's most advanced analytics platforms and 50 years' experience in major property markets, all underpinned by regulatory compliance and full transparency. Our expertise can assist you with:

  • Securitised Collateral Risk
  • Residential and Commercial Valuation Panel Management
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Centralised National Property Information
  • Property Research, Insights and thought leadership
  • Real Estate Listings Portals
  • Property Portfolio Valuations
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM) solutions
  • Digital & Consumer Marketing utilising property & property transaction data

Services Available

Real Estate Solutions
Mortgage & Financial Solutions

We have a range of proven systems and tools to support the mortgage industry. No matter how complex or unique the requirements in your country, we drew on experience in some of the world's largest economies to cater to them. Our range of solutions helps to manage collateral risk and comply with inter-country or global regulations.

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Insurance Solutions

The growing number of catastrophic events means that governments and the insurance industry need a better understanding of the market. Now they can take advantage of detailed data and powerful tools to assess and distribute risk, improve underwriting, and assist with claims verification. Our experience, technology and data accuracy can make the process of insuring property more transparent and improve your bottom line.

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Consumer Solutions

Whether you're buying a home or looking to invest, you know the more informed you are, the better decisions you'll make. However, it's crucial that you have the most accurate and independent property insights. With CoreLogic, you have one of the largest; most experienced and trusted property data providers on your side.

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