The growing number of catastrophic events means that governments and the insurance industry need a better understanding of the market. Now they can take advantage of detailed data and powerful tools to assess and distribute risk, improve underwriting, and assist with claims verification. Our experience, technology and data accuracy can make the process of insuring property more transparent and improve your bottom line:

Services Available

Catastrophe Risk Management

Catastrophe Risk Management gives you essential data to evaluate the probability of risk and financial loss from natural hazards across the globe. Built on industry leading data and technology, and backed by our team of engineers and scientists, the system uses 180 natural hazard software models from 96 countries across six continents. With a comprehensive view of catastrophe risk, you're able to understand and quantify risk exposure, price and manage risk, and communicate key risk factors in your investment portfolios.

Reconstruction Estimating and Risk Assessment

Reconstruction Estimating and Risk Assessment delivers the most complete and valid view of residential property risk available - all at an address level. The Contents Estimating feature uses your building valuation data to quickly and accurately complete contents estimates in a single valuation workflow. Hail Insight uses historical hail data and a proprietary hail verification model to determine pre-existing roof conditions. Or get accurate roof age data, identify property change events such as renovations and additions, view aerial imagery and more. With real-time, property-specific, address and business level information, we help you underwrite, price and monitor risk over time to make sound decisions.