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At CoreLogic, our data is constantly being refined to help real estate professionals connect with customers, win their confidence, and reap the results. This year, the challenges posed by COVID-19 have only increased our determination to help you find ways to succeed, despite the difficulties. So, we’re delighted to introduce three new data-driven solutions that can help you move forward with clarity and confidence.



1. Market Insights

An add-on to your RP Data platform, Market Insights is a new live data dashboard that will provide the latest data-driven insights in your area while they are still current. That means you’re better able to:

  • Know what is happening as it happens and not after the fact. Live data will help you act on information based on current sales or market events rather than those from last week, or even the previous quarter 
  • Gain clearer insights on specific campaigns while they are still active. While hindsight can be useful, direct insight into properties that are still on the market is far more relevant
  • Sell properties quicker. By seeing market trends early, you can guide your vendors into make smart discounting decisions quicker if necessary, which could positively influence both your sales and cash flow
  • Gauge your ongoing performance against competitors by using our live data to see how your teams are performing relative to the market
  • Improve your prospecting strategies with up-to-date information on how many appraisals are being completed in your area
  • Customise your data to how you operate, and choose your own preferred territories and boundaries
  • Build your local market knowledge though our suburb insights and establish yourself as a local source of truth for prospects and vendors
  • Determine if demand is on the rise in your area by analysing the finance data, then acting before your competitors do
  • Provide vendors and prospects with the insights they can’t access and gain their confidence.







2. Open Home Live

Open Home Live is an online digital solution that ensures you’re able to showcase homes remotely. It’s ideal for:

  • Vendors and prospective buyers who don’t want to risk infection
  • Viewers who are working, time-constrained, or in distant locations
  • Filtering out those who are not that committed.


3. Mobile CMAs on RP Data Pro

Great news. On RP Data Pro you can now enjoy the convenience of ordering Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports from your mobile. Take advantage by subscribing and making your day-to-day experience just that little bit easier, even in challenging times.




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