RP Data Pro FAQ

How do I get help using this app?

Under the More section, tap on Contact Us and there are a number of ways to start a conversation with our Customer Care team who will be able to assist.


How can I request new features to be added to this app?

In the More section, tap on the "Suggest a Feature" item and fill out the Feedback and Suggestions form.


I've found a property with incorrect data - What do I do?

On the Property Details screen, tap on the More icon (The three dots), and then on the "Send Property Feedback" item to fill out a form which can update the information we have about that property. 

How do I report New Listings or supply recent Sales advice?

On the Property Details screen, you can tap on "Claim my Sale" or "Claim my Listing" and fill out the form. These functions are also available in the More section (The three dots) of the Property Details screen.

How do I update my user details?

Your user details which includes your name, email address, phone number and profile photo are synchronised from RP Data Professional. To update them, log into the Web site, head to the Admin tab, update your details and save changes.

After that, log out of the App and log back in to have your details refreshed.


Can i use this app on multiple devices at the same time? What about the RP Data web site?

You can't use the app on multiple devices at the same time. When you log in on a device it will invalidate any other logged in session and they will be returned to the login screen.

We do make one exception and that is that you can use both the app on an iPad and iPhone at the same time. 

There are no restrictions about using the RP Data web site and the app at the same time.


How accurate is the CoreLogic AVM estimated value?

An automated valuation model estimate (AVM Estimate) is a statistically derived estimate of the value of the subject property. An AVM Estimate is generated (i) by a computer driven mathematical model in reliance on available data; (ii) without the physical inspection of the subject property; (iii) without taking into account any market conditions (including building, planning, or economic), and/or (iv) without identifying observable features or risks (including adverse environmental issues, state of repair, improvements, renovations, aesthetics, views or aspect) which may, together or separately, affect the value.
An AVM Estimate is current only at the date of publication or supply. An AVM Estimate must not be relied upon as a professional valuation or an accurate representation of the market value of the subject property as determined by a valuer. CoreLogic expressly excludes any warranties and representations that an AVM Estimate is an accurate representation as to the market value of the subject property.
To the full extent permitted by law, CoreLogic excludes all liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising or suffered by the recipient, whether as a result of the recipient's reliance on the accuracy of an AVM Estimate or otherwise arising in connection with an AVM Estimate.

What can I do with this app?

The app is your on-the-road tool for accessing Australia's best, most accurate and up to date property data. You can perform a lot of the same functions you currently use RP Data for, while in the office.

Use the app to:

  • Look up property data - validating and confirming owner's details, previous sale prices, property history, record notes, images and more.
  • Research your Market - view Market trends for given suburbs as well as review Auction results across Australia
  • Perform a map search - find properties nearby to your current location
  • Produce Reports - Property Profile reports, Suburb Reports, Valuation Reports, Single Page reports and view any of your generated Signature CMA Reports
  • Monitor your territory - Set your territory and then receive push notifications when a property changes in that area
  • Create personalised lists - You can save a property to a list for later recall or even save a specific search for later
  • and more!


What do the different tag colours mean?
  • Blue - Current For Sale Listing (On the Market For Sale listing within the past 14 days)
  • Green - Current For Rent Listing (On the Market For Rent listing within the past 30 days)
  • Red - Recent Sale (Sold within the past 3 months)
  • Purple - Agent Advice - unconfirmed Sale


How do I conduct a Lot/Plan or Parcel Search?

On the main search screen, tap on the "Parcel Search" tab. The format of the suggestion differs by state, but in most cases, try the lot number / the DP/SP number.
Eg: for "LOT 17 DP260455", you would enter it as "17/DP260455" and you would get the suggestion to click through to the property detail record.


How do I know what version number of the App I'm using?

In the More Section (Three dots at the bottom of the screen) there is a version read out below the Logout button.