How smoothly does your business run? Here’s our list of tech hacks to streamline your real estate life.

How smoothly does your business run? Does your information – customer inquiries, reporting, paperwork, accounts - move seamlessly from one process to the next, or does your team waste countless hours chasing emails, asking for information, double handling forms and correcting mistakes?

Improving the processes in your business to make them easier for your staff and a better experience for your clients is becoming simpler thanks to cloud technology. In its simplest form, cloud computing is all about software platforms that ‘hand over’ information to each other and/or allow you to start work on one platform (ie: your desktop computer) and pick up on your tablet or mobile.

Here’s our list of tech hacks to streamline your real estate life.

1. Integrate your data

When you open your CRM, do you have access to everything you need? Or do you have to go online to access third party providers and type in additional passwords.

If you answered the latter, get your CRM and data integrated. This can be as sophisticated as having your CRM connect directly to the CoreLogic API, or as simple as ensuring you only have to sign on to one program once at the beginning of the day. It sounds simple but having everything at your fingertips can save you significant time across a year. And it will empower additional efficiencies.

2. Get everyone an account

Password sharing is not only legally dubious, it’s completely inefficient. Users on the system get bumped off when new people sign on using the same password – and if you’re in the middle of something important, that can be an expensive disaster. Password sharing also makes mobile phone apps work poorly leaving you in the lurch when you are out on the road.

3. Integrate your forms

If you’re manually writing down the information from one database by hand and then painstakingly transcribing that into the next form, please stop right now - you’re hurting us! Recent updates in form integration mean that most of the legal templates used by real estate agents can now be integrated with your database and CRM so that the information flows seamlessly across. Hallelujah! Integrating data has loads of benefits, including making forms faster to fill in, and ensuring fewer errors due to mistypes. 

4. Get a digital sign off

Ever had a deal fall over because the paperwork which you emailed, was over 10mg and was too big to go through the buyers firewall and it took 3 days to work out what had happened? Or had one signatory locally, and the other overseas on business/holiday without access to a printer which stretched everyone’s nerves as the signoff date neared? Digital signature platforms make all these nightmares a thing of the past by emailing links to documents that can be accessed on any device – including mobile phone or tablet – and signed with a fingertip. The encryption software is exceedingly complex, and signed documents capture timestamps, device IDs and even locations at the time of signing making digital signatures even more secure than a ‘wet’ signature.