Want to know the 7 ways a Property Manager can use RP Data Professional to win more business & retain current clients?

  1. Create a list of the Withdrawn Listings of your competitors – Approach sellers who have been on the market too long to pitch them on how they could rent out their home instead of selling with our Withdrawn Listings and Listings Over 60 Days tools. 
  1. Create a rental AVM report – and demonstrate how much rent they could earn if they decide to rent their home with you while they wait for the market to improve. 
  1. Thank your current landlords – especially the long term ones, by creating an annual AVM report that shows them how the value of their property has grown over time and send it with their annual rental income statement as a thank you. 
  1. Win new landlords to your business – use the AVM and Rental AVM reports as part of your standard toolkit, and provide them as an example of the service that landlords can expect if they move over to you. 
  1. Demonstrate your own time-on-market expertise – Use the Market Compare tab to identify the average time on market for properties for sale in your area, and demonstrate how you are able to sell properties faster than the market. 
  1. Nurture property developer relationships – Use our Cordell products to identify developments at early planning stages in your area to build relationships for property management and sales now. We will even give you contact details. 
  1. Monitor your property management list – Upload your list of managed properties into Property Monitor and receive alerts if a property lists for sale. This will give you a heads up on when you need to be proactive with your landlords to keep the rental.

 No other data provider can do all of this!


To see step by step instructions for each of these tips, download our free guide here. Or book your free training now.