CoreLogic's Head of Data Products, James Vaughan, joins the FinTech Report Podcast to discuss creating the DNA of digital property.

Listen in to Episode 16 to hear James speak about:

  • What does CoreLogic do? What problem do they solve?
  • Who are CoreLogic's customers? 
  • What is CoreLogic's best work? 
  • How does CoreLogic measure results for banking and lending clients? 
  • How does house price information impact ‘responsible lending’?
  • What the sweet spot is for CoreLogic and banking clients right now? (Digital Mortgage)
    • The value of real-time data at every touchpoint in the customer journey
    • Helping to modernise the mortgage process and improve the customer experience
  • The impact of machine leaning and AI
  • What role will data play in helping connect the property ecosystem and the energy sector in the sustainability space?


Listen to the full episode below.