Content marketing is the new black in real estate and finance. Rather than interrupting thousands of people to boast about how great we are at selling and negotiating, content marketing provides useful information to a carefully targeted audience at the time that is right for them. 

While the old style focused on transactions, content marketing focuses on creating relationships. The new paradigm is about inviting people to engage and seeks to capture people’s intention rather than their attention. And social media and websites offer thousands of ways to connect if the message is right.

But how does an industry – which let’s be honest, sometimes struggles to write cheques without splitting infinitives – produce content in the form of stories, blogs, videos or just generally useful insights in the kind of volume that is now required?

Here are four content hacks from CoreLogic to make sharing your market knowledge easy.

1.    Post a trend graph about your favourite suburb on social

If you use the RP Data Pro mobile app, sharing content is a cinch. Click on the new Market Trends icon (second from the bottom right) and type in or choose a nearby suburb. You can then choose the type of data you’d like to show – median value, number of sales, days on market – and the time period you’d like the graph to cover. By default, we show median value over 12 months, but it’s easy to adjust.


When the graph is to your liking, click on the Share button on the second top right of the screen and from there you’ll see ways to share the graph. You can choose Facebook, LinkedIn or any of your loaded social platforms. Make a comment on the graph and boost the post as you would normally. As an RP Data Professional subscriber, this is completely free.

Pro Tip: Even if you’re not a social media user, you can also use this hack to email or SMS the chart directly to a client.


2.    Create a Suburb Statistics Report for your website

Suburb Statistic Reports are a great tool that the desktop version of RP Data Professional allows you to create that few agents use to their full potential. Suburb reports are hungrily read by property buyers and sellers, and are a great tool to use at listing presentations or to hand out at open for inspections to demonstrate your market knowledge.

In the digital landscape, they take on a whole new relevance. 

When you first login to RP Data Professional, you are asked what Activity you would like to do. Click on the Suburb Statistic Report and save it as a PDF. You can then upload it to your website as a ‘give-to-get’ where prospects provide their email address and mobile phone number in order to receive the report. 

You then have a piece of content that you can promote to your social media audiences that is both valuable and timely. Best of all, as an RP Data subscriber, this is completely free.

Pro Tip: An even smarter version of the report exists in the RP Data Pro mobile app. Send the PDF report to your website manager and ask them to upload.

3.    Create a suburb video for social and online

Suburb reports are great, but let’s face it, you have to read them! And sometimes that feels way too grown up. Being able to watch and understand the information within less than a minute makes understanding the property market no effort at all and is even more now. 

For agents who want to provide video content to their audiences, but don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera, HomePrezzo creates quick and easy suburb report videos that capture all the key data points and quickly convert them to a short video. 

Videos can be customised to your branding, contact details and with your logo.


And the system creates a small line of code – similar to what YouTube provides – that you can either embed into your website (talk to your website guru) or even more easily, can be copied and pasted into social media and targeted in the normal way. You can even use them in your email newsletters with many email systems. Please note: small charges apply for using HomePrezzo, but you can trial the platform free. 

Pro Tip: Create a property CMA to really wow your vendors and create buyer interest on social. 

4.    Share our content

Every week, CoreLogic posts articles and videos on how the property market is performing from our researchers, Tim Lawless, Cameron Kusher and Eliza Owen in our News section. If you check out the CoreLogic Facebook or LinkedIn pages you’ll see regular updates.


We don’t mind our clients sharing and using this content on social media. Seriously. It’s there for you! And that includes Tim’s monthly capital city market videos which usually come out on about the 15th of the month. 

We just ask that you credit CoreLogic and acknowledge us as the source in your posts, and link back to our website. Then the information is completely free. (But please don’t repost content on your own website without written permission).

•The RP Data Pro mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones and is free to all RP Data Professional subscribers.
•Kylie Davis is the Head of Content and Property Services Marketing at CoreLogic.