CoreLogic’s purpose is to help people find, acquire and protect their homes. The company recently embarked on a refresh of its community partnerships program for 2019 and it was a clear choice to focus on causes that were equally passionate about access to housing.

To mark 2019 International Women’s Day, 65 employees proudly joined Habitat for Humanity in their ‘Homes of Hope’ Campaign. The CoreLogic volunteers formed part of a 456-strong team who supported the renovation of six women’s refuges and transitional accommodation for some of Australia’s most vulnerable women.

For an increasing number of Australian women and children, there is a desperate need for safe accommodation. Women who most frequently face homelessness are those escaping domestic and family violence and those who are single parents, struggling to bring up their families alone.

Zoe Nelson-Carey, Head of Partnerships at Habitat for Humanity Australia explains how the programme contributes to providing adequate housing and improving the lives of these women and their children: “When women leave our crisis services, they are moving into a lovely fresh home, which is a critical first step in turning their lives around. It’s a positive environment for them to live in for 12 months while they get back on their feet.”

Habitat for Humanity run daily volunteer programmes – restoring, repairing and rebuilding homes. Nelson-Carey explains the impact of the “Homes of Hope” programme delivers much more: “Our corporate partners get a powerful employee engagement opportunity too: it’s diversity and inclusion in action - a chance to step away from the daily tasks to practice compassion in a meaningful way, to be part of something bigger.

You can see that real moment of pride when volunteers look back and see what they have achieved. It creates strong team bonds and we get stories all the time of improved trust and internal collaboration afterwards, so it’s making a very real difference beyond four walls.”

Kate Rimer, Executive Human Resources at CoreLogic, says that helping people access homes was very easy decision: “The Homes of Hope Programme is wonderfully aligned with who we are as a business and how we want to contribute in the communities in which we operate. It is a program that has commitment right through the organization.”

Lisa Claes, CEO of CoreLogic International adds: “We are proud of our association with Habitat for Humanity and the opportunity it affords our employees to make a positive difference in providing access to housing.”

You can listen to Kate Rimmer's interview about CoreLogic's involvement with the Homes of Hope Programme on here.