Want to quadruple the number of leads you get for listings as a real estate agent? Here’s a tip – start taking care of buyers.

Recent CoreLogic research shows only 14% of buyers experience excellent customer service from real estate agents when looking to buy a home. This compares to 31% of sellers who said their agent really taken care of them.

This is kind of crazy – because while it’s true that agents are paid their commission by the vendor, they’re only able to do so because the buyer turns up with a whopping great cheque in their back pocket. 

And it seems reasonable that anyone spending today’s property prices – which let’s face it are terrifying – should expect a level of service that is at least as good as what they receive at their local café when ordering a soy chai mochaccino.

But it’s easy to change this. Most agents have a host of tools they can use to deliver excellent customer service to buyers – and sellers. The trick is to go into useful and helpful mode, rather than hard core hard sell. 

Here are 5 easy ways you can use CoreLogic products to deliver great value to clients and prospects.

1. Show prices as comparable sales

CoreLogic’s research shows buyers are a cynical bunch – only 9% think the price guides given by agents about a property value are actually reliable. So don’t tell buyers what you think the property will sell for, do a quick comparable sales report in the new Signature Reports in RP Data Professional on desktop and show them what similar properties locally achieved as their selling price. 

To do this, go to the Comparable Sales Report on the landing page of RP Data Professional.

Comparable Sales Report

If you haven’t used this before and get a blank screen or nothing seems to happen, make sure your popup blockers are not blocking it.  Type in the address of your target property. 

Signature Reports

From there, set your filter and sorting criteria and choose the comparable sales that best show the recent sale prices in the local area. You can expand each sale to see more detail, look through the photos and read any recent listing description to really determine how comparable it is.

After choosing the number of sales, navigate to the Summary page to setup the report how you’d like it to appear, and then click Finalise to generate the PDF for downloading and printing.

Share these reports electronically with buyers who say they’re going to attend the open, or print them out and make them available at the inspection.

2. Share how your suburb is performing 

Sharing content is a cinch in the RP Data Pro mobile app. Click on the new Market Trends icon (second from the bottom right) and type in or choose a nearby suburb. You can then choose the type of data you’d like to show – median value, number of sales, days on market – and the time period you’d like the graph to cover. By default, we show median value over 12 months, but it’s easy to adjust.

When the graph is to your liking, click on the Share button on the second top right of the screen and from there you’ll see ways to share the graph. You can email or SMS the chart directly to a client, or you can choose Facebook, LinkedIn or any of your loaded social platforms. Make a comment on the graph and boost the post as you would normally. As an RP Data Professional subscriber, this is completely free. 

3. Send a buyer a report – straight away

A buyer has inquired about a property. Wow their socks off by looking the property up immediately on your RP Data Pro mobile app and click the property report button on the top right hand of the screen. You can personalise the cover and send it straight to the client before they’ve even had time to exclaim “holy housing affordability!”

Send a buyer a report

4.Help investors understand the returns

If an investor is interested in a property, you need to have on hand all the information they will need to assess it as an investment. This includes strata and council fees, but should also include a rent estimate. 

The next time you sell an ideal investment property, make sure you have a rental report available. There’s a range of ways to do this. Create a Rental CMA through the RP Data Professional desktop platform and have printed copies available at the open for inspection. 

Alternatively create a CoreLogic Rental Estimate via the mobile app with just a few clicks and send it straight to the person who inquired. (Send it via SMS and it means you’ve immediately captured their mobile phone number!)

5.Share our content on social and websites

Every week, CoreLogic posts articles and videos on how the property market is performing from our researchers, Tim Lawless, Cameron Kusher and Eliza Owen in our News section. If you check out the CoreLogic Facebook or LinkedIn pages you’ll see regular updates.

Our clients are welcome to share this information with their customers through social media. This includes articles and video. We just ask that you credit CoreLogic and acknowledge us as the source in your posts, and link back to our website. Then the information is completely free. (But please don’t repost content on your own website without written permission or we will charge you).

The RP Data Pro mobile app is available for Apple and Android phones and is free to all RP Data Professional subscribers.
Kylie Davis is the Head of Content and Property Services Marketing at CoreLogic.