In the latest release of RP Data Pro, we've provided brokers and lenders an easy and efficient way to check the status of their Valex Valuation orders.

  • Provide great customer service by keeping your buyers informed
  • Quickly address any issues or delays 
  • View a snapshot of all of your orders, or detail about a specific order.


ValTracker for RP Data Pro is available to RP Data subscribers on iOS and Android. Watch this quick video on how to use ValTracker, or view more details by reading below.



Following a Valuation Order

Tap on Favourites, then Valuations

Add Valuation
Add Valuation to Follow

Add a Valuation order to follow by entering the Borrower's Surname and Valex ID.

Add Valuation
Enter Valuation Details

Once verified, the Valuation will be added to your list

List of Valuations
List of Valuations

Coming Soon! Later in Q1 2018, all Valex valuations submitted via Hub will automatically be made available in the mobile app when you synchronise your Hub account with RP Data Pro.

View Valuation Details

Valuation status snapshot is available on the property detail or directly in your valuations list under favourites.

Valuation Detail Page
Valuation Detail Page

Full Valuation detail can be accessed including;

  • Job ID
  • Provider
  • Borrower
  • Status history with dates


  1. What valuations can be checked in RP Data Pro?
    1. Any full valuation ordered via ValEx, where you have the borrower surname and ValEx ID.
  2. What happens if there’s a delay or action required on a valuation?
    1. The app will show you the current status as well as the history. You should use your normal support channels to address any issues.

Available now for RP Data Pro, on iOS (download from the App Store ) and Android (download from the Google Play store).

We hope you enjoy this update, and would love your feedback and suggestions to help me make RP Data Pro even better! Loving the app? Let us know on the App Store by leaving a review.

RP Data Pro is available to current CoreLogic RP Data Professional subscribers only and requires an internet connection via Wifi or 3G/4G (network charges may apply). 

For more information, check out the landing page for RP Data Pro, or if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch via [email protected]