Staying positive as an agent - CoreLogic RP DataYou’ve just lost a listing. The boss is telling you that you’re not meeting your targets, and you’re in debit. Meanwhile things are not so good at home. What can you do?

Well you can panic, or get emotional, or look for someone else to blame. This is quite normal and completely understandable. But it is not helpful and certainly not OK for a salesperson.  Salespeople need to be made of sterner stuff.

You see our profession is amazing. We can make tons of money and get any amount of satisfaction…or not. It is entirely in our own hands and attitude and approach are the key factors.

My personal approach is to treat it all as a numbers game. How many people do you have to speak with to get an appointment for an appraisal? How many appraisals do you need to get a listing? How many listings do you need to make say four sales a month?

Take the second of these – how many appraisals do you need to get a listing?  Obviously it depends on the nature of the lead, but let’s say ten for a novice salesperson. This means that nine appraisals will not lead to a listing, and this can get pretty depressing…spending all that time and effort on nine people who reject you. But looked at positively, on average, ten appraisals will get you a listing.

So the more you do, the more you get. And of course you can improve your conversion rate. Every time you are knocked back you must consider why and learn from the experience. The trick is to be brutally honest with yourself and not make excuses. “I missed out because I wasn’t well enough prepared; I didn’t know about that sale; I didn’t take the time to build up trust; I didn’t close the deal”.

If you do this you will find that your conversion rate will improve. Now you will list one in nine and then one in eight, and this will result in a staggering increase in your number of listings. As you increase your listings, your sales volume will dramatically increase because you will be seen to be more successful.

So no more blaming others and getting depressed. Stay positive in the sure and certain knowledge that hard work coupled with honest feedback to yourself on your performance will bring the results you deserve.

Gil Davis is now a university lecturer, but for twenty-five years he was one of Australia’s most successful real estate agents. He wrote the top-selling book Sell for More, packed full of useful tips for agents, which you can purchase on-line through Harper Collins.

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