School location and catchment details are a significant factor in many home buying decisions. In the latest release of RP Data Pro we put this information at your fingertips and make it quick and easy to share details with your clients. 

  • Provide advice about schools catchments for properties
  • Search for schools directly from the address search
  • Find nearby listings, sales and rentals
  • Share insights on specific schools including travel times
  • Delight prospects with school snapshots detailing key information


In Catchment Schools and Nearby Schools

School Zone Features in RP Data Pro

On every property, view a list of nearby government and non-government schools and get easy and efficient access all the information about the school without having to visit other websites.

  • View a list of nearby schools around a property, including in catchment and all nearby schools 
  • View important information about a school including school type, gender mix, year range, distance, website, catchment map and more
  • Easily get directions to the school from the target property 
  • View travel times by car, public transport and walking
  • Quickly find nearby listings, sales and rentals around a school
  • Share a school snapshot with potential buyers
  • Give feedback about a school if you notice any missing information
School Detail Page

View School Details

The school detail page shows key information about the school, and provides an easy way to share a school snapshot with clients.

  • View the location of the school on the map, as well as the catchment map (where available)
  • Tap on the directions icon to get directions from the target property
  • Get important school information such as school type, gender mix, government or non-government, year range, website and distance from target property
  • View travel times based on the morning school drop-off peak - for driving, public transport and walking
  • Explore and pan the street view image of the school
  • Easily search for nearby listings, sales and rentals within a 2km radius of the school
  • Provide great customer service and share a school snapshot with clients via SMS, Email and more
  • Suggest information or feedback about a school if you notice any missing information


Search for Schools from Address Search

You don't need to go to a property before looking at school information. With this release, you can now also search for schools directly from the address search.

Just type the school name and suggestions will be displayed. If streets or suburbs match too, they'll be displayed first, with schools displayed at the end of the address suggestions. 

School Suggestions

Tap on the school to go to the school detail page, where you can see information about the school including location, catchment map, street view, and search for properties nearby.

Also in this release....

Enhancements to Searching

When you search for a street, suburb or postcode, you’ll notice some changes we’ve made to suggestions and filtering - helping you get to the results you’re looking for faster. 

Filter before searching

You now filter the results upfront, rather than searching and then filtering. By default, it’s set to return recent sales within 1 month - but you can adjust the timeframe, property type or other attributes, or switch the listing type to return For Sale or For Rent Listings, or All properties.

Adjust the filters if you need to and then tap search to get to the results!

Search Results

When on the search results thumbnail view, tap the Map button to view the results on the map.

Map View


Search suggestions now include Schools too. 

Quick Access to Floor Plans

We’ve made a couple of improvements to how you can access floor plans, enabling you to get the information you need more efficiently.

Scroll to floor plan in property images

Access the latest floor plan from the property detail page, by tapping on the floor plan button overlaid on the property image

The Image Gallery now includes quick navigation to filter to all available Floor Plans.

Image Gallery now with Floor Plans


Enhanced 1-Page Report, now with Owner Names

The 1 Page Report now includes the owner names by default (where available*), or can optionally be toggled off.

1-Page Report now with Owner Names

* The owner names are not available in NT, VIC, ACT and TAS due to supplier restrictions. 


Available now for RP Data Pro, on iOS (download from the App Store ) and Android (download from the Google Play store ).

We hope you enjoy this update, and would love your feedback and suggestions to help me make RP Data Pro even better! Loving the app? Let us know on the App Store by leaving a review.

RP Data Pro is available to current CoreLogic RP Data Professional subscribers only and requires an internet connection via Wifi or 3G/4G (network charges may apply). 

For more information, check out the landing page for RP Data Pro , or if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to get in touch via [email protected]