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According to a white paper report by Fidelity International, more than half of women say that investing is too complicated, and a quarter believe that the information around investing is intimidating and tailored towards men. This is resulting in a lot of women not investing outside of traditional assets like superannuation and property.

CFO at CoreLogic Australia and New Zealand Lisa Jennings says that women respond to language differently than men, and that because a lot of women don't resonate with the current language and information on investing, many aren't investing at all.

"The right questions to ask is how do we level the investment playing field for women so they can access financial literacy and embrace active investing," said Jennings. "Investment providers need to consider how to tailor access to investment information and advice for the female market and the demographic groups within this. More work needs to be done on the style and structure of information to make it more transparent, easy to understand and communicated in a way which is relevant to women."

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