The report highlights the market performance across individual regions and suburbs across a capital city.

Statistics at a national or broad regional area only tell you part of the story. While these statistics may show values or rents rising or falling, the market performance can be dramatically different across individual regions and suburbs across a capital city. The Mapping the Market Report is published quarterly and is a series of thematic maps highlighting the following statistics for houses and units:

  • Median values
  • 12 month change in median values
  • Median rental rates
  • 12 month change in median rental rates

Across the combined capital cities, dwelling values have increased by 7.1% over the 12 months to September 2016 which is much lower than the 11.0% increase in values over the previous 12 months. Rental rates on the other hand, are falling and showing their largest declines in more than 20 years.

The common theme across the individual capital cities is that home values and rental rates are in most instances more expensive closer to the city and more affordable as you move further away from the city centre. The report also highlights that Sydney in particular is a much more expensive housing market relative to the other capital cities.