With our continued focus on helping our customers win more listings and sell homes faster we have made great progress working directly with you to ensure we are focusing on where we can drive purposeful change in your roles. Thank you again to all of those customers who offered their time to help us and provided invaluable feedback.

Improving the vendor appraisal process

The vendor appraisal process continues to be one of our key focus points; ensuring we use our best in class data to provide you with a professional and tailored CMA. This month we have focused on improving how you visualise your chosen recent sales or listed properties on a map for your vendor. By using a full page map we can list more properties and their attributes so you can give a much clearer visualisation of your property appraisal. The improved comparables map is available today in Signature Reports.

comparable sales and listings

Being the local expert

We know that a big part of your service to your clients is being the local expert particularly when it comes to knowing what has recently sold, listed or rented. Being an increasingly mobile and round the clock role, we are allowing mobile app notifications for properties that may have listed, sold or rented in your watch lists. This means you can be the first to keep your potential vendors up to date with market changes as they happen. This notifications system will be slowly rolling out to our users over the next couple of months.

rp data pro

Redefining the agent experience

We are dedicated to improving our platform to enable you to find more listings and support you to sell homes faster. We are therefore very excited to be unveiling one of our biggest customer projects in recent years: a complete rebuild of RP Data that focuses first on customer value in simplifying the core workflow of researching properties and creating reports. To whet your appetite in the meantime, here are some examples of what will be available in the new look RP Data which is coming early in the new year:

✔ Similar properties for easy comparables

Your market knowledge and ability to appraise properties is core to your work as an agent.  We want to make this easier by pulling forward any comparable properties in a map view directly within the property details page.

similar properties

✔ Valuation estimate front and centre

To help support your appraisal we have made it simpler to understand our AutoValuation for the property by clearly showing our estimated valuation and range directly from the property page.   You are also able to launch a printable AutoValuation report directly from this valuation.

valuation estimate

✔ Property Timeline

Being the trusted partner for your vendors means knowing the history of a property and those of the comparables around them.   A history of marketing campaigns, sales history, rental history and development applications all play a part in making that assessment.   The new property timeline simplifies this for you in a more visual way.

property timeline


To find out more about our market leading property data solution suite, or to request your free trial, please contact us today