This release contains: 
•    Refine by Land Use – Classic Gap
•    Search by Volume/Folio (Vol/Fol) 
•    CSV Exports on Property Tab 

Refine by Land Use

Refine by Land Use allows users to sift through massive volumes of properties and target specifically the ones that matter, before exporting to CSV. You’ll find the drop down available within Refine Search on the Property and Sales History tab.


Search by Volume/Folio 

The next update we've worked on this release is the ability to search by Volume/Folio. Volume/Folio or Vol/Fol (as it’s known in the industry) was a function available in the classic version of RP Data Professional and identifies properties perhaps known as an alternate address, or helps to locate those hard to find rural properties. 

The good news is that this search is now available in the latest version of RP Data Professional. You can access the Volume/Folio tab from either the Home page or the Search page.


CSV Export Additions on Property Tab

Similar to the September release, we’ve continued to work on the CSV Export additions, this time focusing on the Property Tab. 

The new fields available in the export are: Property Image, Relationship, Development Zone, Vendor Name and Vendor Address.  Additionally, we’ve introduced the ability to select which fields the user wants to export to the CSV from the Property tab.