Managing agents and landlords are highly exposed to personal injury claims in rental properties.  The courts have agreed that agents have a duty of care to tenants as well as to landlords. The number of claims are increasing dramatically each year.

Many business underestimate the importance of having a complete property inspection tool that identifies the health and safety issues of a rental property, a single comprehensive report that summarises all visible safety hazards. In today’s market, businesses must ensure that their duty of care requirements are met, as well as mitigating risk and minimise the potential loss to staff and to the business.

One of Australia’s leading property inspection companies PropertySafe, has developed a specific Risk Management System that addresses the health and safety issues of a rental property via a patent-pending process. The inspection covers 16 potential hazard groups, including the legislated requirements, resulting in a single comprehensive report that summarises all the visible safety hazards.

Benefits for Principals:

  • Manage and significantly reduce your risk exposure to personal injury claims and trade verification issues
  • Deliver real business cost savings via improved efficiencies
  • Protect and grow the value of your rent roll asset
  • No cost to the agency
  • A systematic and reliable approach to safegaurd yourself

Benefits for Property Managers:

  • Proactive approach to reducing professional liability
  • Complete Management System of identifying safety issues, advising, reminding, quoting and maintaining
  • Saves you time by combining a number of mandatory inspections into a single inspection
  • Better maintained properties deliver higher rental returns
  • Provides state-of-the-art systems that will deliver significant time savings and efficiencies
  • Exhibiting “Best Practice” protects all stakeholders and will enhance your reputation.

Benefits for Landlords:

  • Proactive approach to reducing risk
  • Increased rental returns resulting in the inspection being cash positive
  • Easier to rent
  • Potential to lower insurance premiums
  • Prioritisation of maintenance work
  • Work more efficiently with peace of mind

To better protect yourself and your business against potential legal action (or damages claims), learn more about Property Safe here.

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