Locate Empty Nesters in your local areaThe inaugural MLC Australian Wealth Sentiment Survey has shown that Australians remain extremely concerned about saving for their retirement.

An article on the survey in Australian Broker Online reported that Australians remain very cautious on the outlook for the economic environment and are focused on deposits and paying off debt. Furthermore the survey found that consumer appetite for risk appears likely to increase marginally over the coming months, with a growing desire to put more into property and shares.

“With people living longer, having extended retirements and being much more active in their retirement, the harsh reality is most people won’t have enough savings to fund their retirement,” NAB Wealth Group executive and MLC CEO Andrew Hagger says.

“For women this especially rings true, as women retire with 40% less super than men because they take time out for children, are more likely to work part time and typically earn less than men. While it’s not surprising to us that women are worried about funding their retirement, the survey is a timely reminder to women about how they can start to bridge the gap by adopting some key savings strategies.”

What does your client list look like in relation to the survey findings? Are there clients on your database that might be empty nesters, close to retirement or looking to buy an investment property?

This is a great opportunity to use the Empty Nester filter services within rp.professional. Simply create your saved lists (view video here) and then run a search from this list of Recent Sales dating back some 15 years on. The empty nester theory suggests those property owners have most likely bought a property some time ago, the kids have moved out and the house may be too large for just two (or one) people. Perhaps it may be time for them to downsize. Watch video on filtering your search for the empty nester functionality – watch here.

This functionality within rp.professional lets you reach out to a broader audience and find out what their current situation is with regard to property and whether you can assist. Ongoing, you can then offer some in depth property reports on the clients local area or an area that they may be interesting in relocating to, such as CMAs, AVMs and Suburb Statistics reports.

If you would like to find out about more ways in which you can use RP Data to reach your  clients, call us on 1300 734 318 or arrange free Advanced Training with us at rpdata.com/training.

Source: Australian Broker Online

Watch video: RP Professional – Locating Empty Nester Listings