Wayne White is a Property Consultant with LJ Hooker in Camden, NSW. A local born and bred with a diverse career background, he is always looking into ways to improve customer service levels.

Whilst attending one of RP Data’s recent Ready Set Go! 2012 Seminars, Wayne learned about the RP Lister iPad application and downloaded the app in the car on the way back to work (luckily he wasn’t driving). He adds: “I had a good understanding of it by the time I got back to the office, and was up and running for an appointment that afternoon. The vendor was impressed.” Wayne found RP Lister to be intuitive in its setup and feels that it “will greatly assist with presentations, in terms of professionalism, convenience and speed.”

As a result, Wayne is now able to prepare presentations on the run, without having to go back into the office. This saves considerable time and he expects that this will change the way in which he will do business going forward.

When it comes to sitting down with a vendor and agreeing a realistic price for a property, Wayne notes: “The interactive path on the price setter section allows the client to get involved and gives them ownership of the price they are setting for their property sale.”

Wayne thinks that this will assist vendors in understanding what is a realistic and achievable price in the current market. He adds: “It will be a very good tool in directing the client in the right direction and will help led to a ‘close’.”

Commenting on the usefulness of the app for the industry, Wayne is convinced that: “RP Lister is a good step forward for the industry and will raise the bar in terms of professionalism”.

When asked what advice Wayne would give to fellow peers looking to download the app he is emphatic: “Try it, you will love it!”

Wayne also had a final parting comment: “I am concerned about giving a testimonial about your app because I feel it gives me a leading edge on other agents!”

RP Lister is a pre-listings presentation tool for iPad. It assists real estate agents and vendors to follow a best practice presentation framework to collaboratively agree the best listing price for the vendor’s property. This means the right price is agreed upfront, which leads to a shorter sales cycle and less vendor discounting.

RP Lister v2 is now live in the Apple App store. For more information please visit the RP Data Solutions blog or download the app today!