To celebrate the 6 months anniversary of Property Value, CoreLogic RP Data is giving away one week FREE access to Property Value!

Property Value, launched in July by CoreLogic RP Data, has become a premier property information tool now used by thousands of buyers and sellers across Australia.  In fact, over 800,000 people have now used the site – this equates to a whopping 66,000 user hours invested.

Visitors to Property Value ( over the past six months have found out first-hand, the value in navigating the site to access myriad property data information.

In celebration of its 6 months anniversary, and to coincide with the Christmas festive period, CoreLogic RP Data is giving away one week FREE access to Property Value - redeemable at: (Valued at $49.00 the offer is for one login per individual, valid for one week. Offer expires on 1 January, 2016). This offer also includes access to new site additions including: local schools with Naplan scores, development approval data for properties, streets and suburbs, scatterplot charting and, as an example and seen in today’s release, access to charting the return on a $100 investment for any two suburbs over the past 5 years.

By using Property Value, every day buyers and sellers are able to estimate the value of a property, benchmark it against comparable properties for sale, for rent and recently sold and even look back over the past 30 years to see what the property has previously sold for.

 CoreLogic RP Data head of consumer Paul Argus said, “Property Value provides more data coverage and decision-making tools than any other offering and it also works brilliantly on mobile.”

“It’s a great tool for anyone looking to buy or sell property, particularly investors. Every street and property holds its own profile. Suburbs can be compared side by side and estimated rent and yield scores can be assessed.” 

 “A perfect scenario showcasing the functions and attributes housed in the Property Value site, and included below, is our extraction around picking and comparing the best performing suburbs over time, but with a quirky twist.”

Assisted by CoreLogic RP Data research analyst Cameron Kusher for Property Value, the data used highlights a few things. Firstly, he said that while capital city figures tell a broad story, “the experience across individual suburbs can be vastly different.” 

This is clearly highlighted by the NSW example. Mr Kusher said, “Most people would have anticipated that a market like Mosman would have outperformed Parramatta however, this hasn’t been the case.  It actually highlights that new investment in a region generally has a positive impact on housing demand and subsequently property values.”

“The data also highlights that picking winners in the market is very difficult which is why investment in the housing market should be a long-term investment not a punt on short-term gains.”

 “If you look at inner city Brisbane vs Ipswich for example you would see big differences, or alternatively, premium inner city Melbourne (Toorak) vs Mornington Peninsula (Portsea).”

 See below - real-time examples broken down as follows:

  • NSW – Premium vs. up and coming (Mosman vs Parramatta)
  • QLD – Brisbane inner city vs Gold Coast (Newmarket vs Southport)
  • VIC – Toorak vs Canterbury (premium suburbs)
  • WA – Battle of the beaches

NSW – Premium vs. up and coming (Mosman vs Parramatta)

  •  Would turn $100 into $185 over 5 years if invested in Parramatta
  • Compared to $125 if invested in Mosman 

$100 invested performance chart


VIC – Toorak vs Canterbury (premium suburbs)

  • Toorak was ahead until the last few months where Canterbury growth has increased significantly
  • $100 invested in Canterbury in Dec 2010 would yield $135 today 

$100 invested performance chart


WA – Battle of the beaches

  • Returns on Scarborough investment overtook Cottesloe in Dec 2013
  • $100 invested in Cottesloe in Dec 2010 would yield $95 today 

$100 invested performance chart


QLD – Brisbane inner city vs Gold Coast (Newmarket vs Southport)

  • Neck and neck over last 5 years with Southport experiencing a dip in 2012 followed by recovery in 2015

$100 invested performance chart


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