In this release:

While researching a property and devising a strategy to sell in the future – whether it be a property currently on the market, one that has recently sold or even has been owned by the same owner for years , we are reminded how important it is to understand how the property has been marketed in the past.

With the recent release of RP Data, our new professional real estate research platform, we have introduced the ability to view the campaign history of a property and view the information by Agency Campaigns and Property Campaigns. Before we get into how, we’ll explain the differences.

Agency Campaign Product Campaign
  • Groups data by individual agency
  • Agency specific listings
  • Groups property campaign information based on the property itself.
  • Unrelated to a specific agency

An “Agency Campaign” view is where we group the available data by each agency, whereas in the “Property Campaign” view, the available data is arranged by that particular property going to market over a consecutive period - even if the property listing changes agency.

To access this data, head to a Property Detail page, and look to the “Property History” panel on the right-hand side. Within this block, you’ll see timelines of Sale, Listing, Rental & DA activities. Click on “View Property Campaign”, “View Agency Campaign” or “View Rental Campaign” to open up the full details available for each campaign.

Property History Timeline


Within the module, you’ll see details of changes to listing price, agent or agency as well as historical listing descriptions. Arm yourself with this knowledge for use in conversations with potential vendors to demonstrate your expertise.

See the changes to a campaign over time

We recently added a great new section into our Sales CMA and Rental CMA: You now have the added ability to include a full-page floor plan for the target property where a floor plan is available.

Floor plans can be great place to start your conversation with a vendor. With a floor plan added to the CMA, you can talk it through, and even compare the vendor property with the similar properties you have also been able to include in the CMA.

When a floor plan is available, it is very easy to include it in your CMA report. Simply select the checkbox for the "Floor Plan section" located under "Report Sections". You can also select where you would like the floor plan page to appear, such as at the end of the report or closed to the target property page.

Example output of a floor plan


During the RP Data soft launch period, through feedback we discovered that some users like to set their comparable properties as ‘featured’, and then select a floor plan as one of the 3 images available in the featured property page. Due to this discovery we are now also considering adding the ability to include a full page floor plan for comparable properties as well.

A big factor toward winning a listing is your ability to prove to the potential vendor you are the best choice to help them sell their property. In order to fully demonstrate this, we found many of our customers were creating and uploading their own testimonials pages to their CMA reports. This is a fantastic idea, and we want to assist you.

We’ve recently introduced the ability to add testimonials to your CMAs. Within the Testimonial tab, you can add a heading; include a paragraph of text, a customer photo, author and a published date.

To get started, ensure the report section “Testimonials” is ticked. This will then open up the section to allow you to add a new Testimonial.



Once you’ve added your testimonials, you can re-arrange their display order, edit an existing testimonial or even remove one you no longer want to use.

There’s no limit to the number of testimonials you can create. As a general tip, make sure you add quality testimonials (with the client’s permission) as it may help you stand out from your competitors.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new released features. Please email any suggestions or feedback to [email protected].

If you are new to RP Data, request your 7-day free trial here.