A new release of rp.connect was deployed to production last night – a relatively minor release but with some important enhancements to some existing features.

1. Facebook Widget Settings

Previously, setting the ID in your Facebook Widgets settings did not always behave as expected and when you set your facebook ID, it would ask you to authorise by logging into your facebook account.

This is now no longer required. You can change the Facebook account that the feed will come from, and no authorisation is required.

Entering your Facebook ID
Entering your Facebook ID

Important Notes:

  • rp.connect follows the Facebook privacy settings. If you use the ID of a Facebook Profile (personal account), it’s likely that your Facebook widget feed will be empty as it will not be able to see your private status updates (people can’t see your updates unless they are your ‘friend’). That’s why we recommend to use a Facebook Page instead of a Profile for Business.
  • To find out what your Facebook Page ID is, check out this guide, or see the screenshot below.
  • rp.connect Facebook widget currently only reads ‘text-based’ status updates from your Facebook page (not links, images or videos). Pulling links, images and video status updates is coming soon.
  • When you use rp.connect to publish status updates to your Facebook wall, you will be requested for a one-time authorisation to allow rp.connect to publish to your wall. It will publish to the Facebook account that you log in as (that is, it’s not necessarily related to your Facebook widget ID).
The Facebook Page ID is highlighted in the URL bar
The Facebook Page ID is highlighted in the URL bar

If you’re having trouble with your Facebook widget, please contact RP Data Support and they’ll be able to help you.

2. Overriding your Personal Account Details

Previously, the Personal Details used in your rp.connect website (First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Phone, Phone Number) were read-only, as they were to be updated in RP Professional only.

Now, you are able to choose to override the personal details in rp.connect. You can do this by going to Account Settings and clicking the “Allow me to update my personal details” checkbox. The fields will become editable, and you can edit and save them as you choose.

The behaviour works as follows:

If the checkbox is unchecked (default):

  1. You must edit your personal details in RP Professional “Admin” tab.
  2. Changes in RP Professional flow through to rp.connect
  3. Personal details are read-only in rp.connect
Personal Details are updated in RP Professional
Personal Details are updated in RP Professional


If the checkbox is checked:

  1. The fields become editable in rp.connect and you can change and save your personal details
  2. Changes to personal details in RP Professional do not flow through to rp.connect
  3. Changes to personal details in rp.connect do not flow through to RP Professional.

Personal Details can now be edited in rp.connect

I’d be happy to hear any feedback about this change.

3. Profile Photo Cropping Tool

Previously, when you uploaded a profile photo (avatar), it was simply resized to 260px wide or 220px high depending on the shape of your photo.

Now, when you upload a photo, you will be presented with a cropping tool where you can drag and/or re-size the crop area, so that the final photo matches the 260 x 220px area on your rp.connect site.

To use the tool:

  • Click ‘Choose File’, and browse to a photo on your hard drive, and then click “Upload”
Choosing a photo file, and clicking 'Upload'
Choosing a photo file, and clicking 'Upload'


  1. The Crop Tool window pops open, and you can drag and/or re-size the crop area to choose which part of the photo to use as your avatar
  2. The right-hand image shows a preview of the final image
  3. Click “Crop and Save” to apply the new image to your rp.connect site, or click “Cancel” to close without applying the changes.
Drag and re-size the crop area
Drag and re-size the crop area


  • If you have already uploaded a profile photo previously, you can re-upload the photo and use the crop tool to ensure your photo fits correctly within the box on your rp.connect site.
  • Any changes to your Account Details screen are saved when you upload a profile photo or agency logo.
  • When uploading an agency logo, the photo is simply resized to 200px wide and used on your rp.connect site.

And that’s it!

I’d love to hear your feedback about any changes, or any additional suggestions you have. Please feel free to leave a comment on the blog post below, or send me an email on [email protected].