The best way to deal with a problem is always to prevent it from occuring in the first place.  While this is good advice for people in all walks of life, it is critical to mortgage and finance brokers when helping clients.

To keep a client happy with their property’s financial arrangements, you’ll need knowledge of any potential problems before they occur.  Retaining your trail commission becomes a challenge when a client’s circumstances change before you get a chance to help.

RP Data’s Property Monitor service lets you work ahead of the curve by alerting you when your attention is required.  This can include:

  • When a client lists their property for rent: Does your customer now own a second property? Is your customer now an investor? Is your customer in financial distress? Make contact with them and better understand their change in circumstances.
  • When a client lists their property for sale: This is your chance to secure your customer’s next mortgage when they purchase again. Make contact with them now and remind them of your latest finance offer or book an on-site visit.
  • When a client has sold their property: You’ve got the chance to speak to them now about their next financing needs!

You can monitor as many properties as you want, including both current and prospective clients, and receive 20 Free Alerts per month, with extra alerts available to purchase as required.

For more information on what’s available from Property Monitor, call us on 1300 734 318 or visit to book a training session.