In today’s growing property market, ensure you are maximising the most out of your RP Data subscription. Leading brokers are taking advantage of our up-to-date data to help drive growth to their business through property insights.

  1. rp.autoval – a valuable too that provides brokers with instant property price estimates.
  2. direct – Directly market to home owners more strategically using privacy compliant lists with the ability to personalise your messaging.
  3. Comprehensive property data – Manage your clients expectations and secure the deals.
  4. Comparative Market Analysis reports – Professional reports that incflude valuable Recent Sales and On The Market information.
  5. Property Monitor – Retain your trail. Receive alerts when your clients are transacting so you can re-engage at the right time.
  6. Targeted prospecting – Identify likely hot spots in your area and target qualified leads.
  7. Engage active agents – Identify the property agents in your area that have the most listing activity.
  8. Mapping – Visualise the surrounding area to identify any issues that may affect property value.
  9. Planning – Run key reports to determine addressable markets and your market share.
  10. rp.connect – Drive clients to your door and connect with your easy to use personalised website.
  11. pro – Have the right answers for your clients every time. Use the latest mobile tools to engage and inform. Available on iPhone.

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Generating an RP AutoVal Valuation Report