There has been a lot of discussion in the finance industry around cross-selling and the need for Finance Brokers to broaden their product offering and income stream.

A common response may be that Finance Brokers are not Insurance Brokers or Financial Planners.  This is a very short-sighted view, as many Insurance Brokers and Financial Planners can offer finance directly and if not, they may have a strategic referral partner.  So if you can’t cross sell, your clients may source their services elsewhere, and a competitive provider will win these customers over to their one-stop shop.

As the Financial Services sector matures and as regulation becomes tighter, only the most skilled and evolving providers will prosper.  The same principles apply to users of property information from RP Data.

The value of RP Data starts with business planning, and from there you can source quality leads with On The Market® reports, win business from competitors and increase your conversion ratio with AVM and CMA reports.  Once a deal has settled, you can protect your trail with Property Monitor.  Referral leads, cross-selling and customer retention can be achieved with Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports and compliance is assisted by your quality applications meeting the lenders’ compliance metrics.

By using RP Data to provide a broader financial services offering, effectively analyse your clients’ needs and maximise their income opportunities, your clients are more likely to remain satisfied and stay with you for longer.

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